Neptune in Sagittarius: Develop the Leader in You in 2012

Embrace Your Role in 2012 as a Leader and Educator

Born With Neptune in Sagittarius: 1971-1984

Neptune in Sagittarius is the magic that you can project in 2012 if you were born between 1971 and 1984. Neptune in Sagittarius is the image of the fiery, devoted teacher, traveler or spiritual leader—or the athlete who dazzles others with your grace. In the midst of your growth came a very conservative, safe period that broke open during our recent high-tech, social networking time. You are now dipping your toes into a new watery realm—the true realm of Neptune—and it’s time to be ready for a precious journey for you and the people you lead. Be prepared to sail or to fly and pursue the unfamiliar.

While social networking was a natural for you, this new, more nebulous realm will require that you wade into a magical experience that is new to you. While you will like the duality and balance of the new image you will be projecting, you also are working toward a completion of a dream. The elements that you avoided in the past will come to the forefront. Your willingness to face these unknown experiences will allow you to accomplish things beyond your old imagination.

Be ready to address your emotional nature. Yes, you feel certain that you have done this, but emotion isn’t limited to fiery passion. It also engages your tender side. It’s time to be quiet and notice whom and what you adore, and to begin to express these unclear but life-affirming parts of you. When you have the urge to run along at your usual fast pace, just pause and think. You will find that you are nourished by the people you love and the life that you love more than you have ever experienced. You’ll have a whole new energy level and a richer and finer expression of self.

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17 thoughts on “Neptune in Sagittarius: Develop the Leader in You in 2012

  1. masood ahmed

    my date is of birth life is very happy.i have 3 child .i am already work at spritual .but i want do second mirrage can i get it tell me must.

  2. godess7

    The sagittarius has a fiery sign, for whom will be going through a turbulence or a little uneasy dysfunctional period tap into your spiritual realm and learn your weakness and strength. I am a sag 33 years old moorish american, our sign has power class and exudes intelligence. This is for all my sag’s around the world peace good night.

  3. Marilena

    Your description of Sagittarius fits me too well, so well that I often joke saying that you must personally know me. However, this last article “Born With Neptune in Sagittarius: 1971-1984” left me out since I was born in 1955. Can you write something similar for those that are not fortunate enough to be in their 40’s or less? I might be 56 years old but as a true Sag I do not behave or think as a 56 yo, I am full of dreams and goals. I am not on down the hill, I am still climbing to the peak.

  4. Chin choe

    I was born on 06/12/56 in korea and I am with leo he was born on 24/07/77 we have been together for almost 10 years and I would like to know we ll be forever. Thank u.

  5. ketanshah

    My dob is 08-12-1968 ,place of birth is sion, and time 12.55 hrs. comment something on me. i have passing through bad phase since 2007 .

    My expenses are more than the income.
    I have just changed the job for a stable career.

  6. Sudhakar

    Thank you for the mail.
    But I was born on 29-6-1951 at 9 am.
    After retirement recently, I have embraced new profession.
    Please let me know if the mail is relevant in my case.

  7. manisha

    i feels good to learn something new about ourselves… but you can be more accurate and precise regarding the time period that you mentioned which is too long…..71 to 84….

  8. Lily

    As Debbie said your articles are really useful and resourceful for mundane life..Every morning, I read your article to start my day..thanks for posting it regularly..


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