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Judy in Atlanta, Georgia writes:

My dad died of a heart attack in 1966, at the age of 56. He appears to me in dreams whenever there is a life-changing or upsetting event coming up in my life. He always walks me through the upcoming event, and then when it actually happens, I am forewarned. The last time I dreamed about him was twice during the week before my brother died in November 2008. In both dreams, my dad showed me my brother getting into a car and being hurried along by his wife. Dad told me,”Do not get into that car!”

Hello Judy,

The old saying “Once a parent, always a parent” seems to be particularly true in your case. Although he died many years ago, your dad is still looking out for you. People we love often come to us in dreams, usually to reassure us that their soul lives on in the afterlife. Sometimes they appear in dreams to tell us something they left unsaid.

Warning dreams like yours aren’t rare, but your case is unusual because your dad has appeared to you on such a regular basis. Was he this protective when he was alive? If so, then this trait obviously carried over after he died. However, if he felt he should have been emotionally closer to you, he may be making up for the lack of involvement now. Just a theory, of course; only you can know for sure. Or maybe it doesn’t matter. If the love between you and your dad leads to dreams that prepare you for challenging situations, then it’s a positive influence in your life, which is all that counts.

Sweet dreams,


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13 thoughts on “DreamCast: Your Destiny Revealed

  1. Donna Kerr

    On December 23, 1999 I went to my Mother’s Doctor because she had told him to answer truthfully anything So I asked him! My fiancee’s Dad was sick & he needed to go to Florida to be with him! So I asked my Mother’s Doctor how she was doing & explained to him why I needed to know! He told me my Mother was going to be around for many more years to come!So I went to Florida with my fiancee! I missed that Christmas with my Mother which was her last Christmas! I finally got back to Oklahoma where my Mom was at on April 24,, 1999 & she passed away on April 26 1999! I actually took an overdose of Aspirin on April 30, 1999! I was very sick with really severe migraine! I could not even get out of bed without help for 4 days! My Shih-Tsu stayed with me & only left my side when he had to get food, water, & used the bathroom! On the fourth day I woke up by hearing someone outside yelling Bessie, which was my Mother’s name! As soon as I heard her name my headache went away! Do you have any idea what caused that? There was nobody outside! I also see her sitting in a chair once in a while & we can talk! I was told by a Mental Health worker that It really does not happen! My Mother & I were not only Mother & Daughter we were also best friends! Sincerely Donna

  2. Brenda

    My dad died a year and a half ago… and he comes to me often in my dreams. He was and is the best dad……. I still cry a lot and miss him so much!!! He will forever be close to me.

  3. iris1

    I have had a warning dream about the passing of a relative on the night she crossed over. There wasn’t anything I could do to change the situation and I was only a child. My father though was
    my closest parent in life and in death he frequently appears in my dreams as a guide. I did not dream of him on the night he passed. Now he comes to me frequently to visit, share love and point me in the correct direction. My gifts came to me from his side of the family as did my handedness.
    Peace, Love and Blessings,

  4. Janet Cunningham

    My mother and grandmother died 6 yrs ago within 2 wks of each other. I had to have emergency surgery and I was having trouble coming out of the anesthesia. I clearly saw my mom and grandmother in my hospital room. They just looked normal. I remember asking them to take me with them, I was so tired of pain. They both told me it wasn’t my time yet and I came to. I have dreams almost every night about them. My father stole all of my trust money and I feel like my mother is trying to protect me. I wake up super sad because they were my life and now they are gone. I dream they are still alive. I am so disappointed when I wake up and realize I am dreaming. I have been attending a grief group trying to deal better with this. If you can offer any help please let me know.

  5. One Love

    my mother passed in October 21 2008 on my birthday and when i have dreams of of her it’s like she never passed i miss her so much and then i dream of my one pastor that talked to me when she was here they are the only two that i can talk realtalk to them so what am i to do i miss them both they watch out for me and because of them that is why i’m the lady that i am what are they trying to say to me i need to know please help me……..

  6. Mary

    My husband was killed in a motorcycle accident 9 yrs ago this April. We were very happy and loved each other very much. You hear people say that someone is or was their soul mate and I never knew what that meant but I know our marriage was special and we both loved each other in a way that most people never get to experience. The only dream that I have is that he is with other women and not me and I always wake up crying and feeling so hurt. I can’t say how often but at least 3 or 4 times a year at random times and always the same. The few people I have shared this dream with always are surpised because they knew the love we had for one another. And then this past Oct I finally dreamed that he was there and I finally felt like I did when he was here with me (loved and secure) but then I realized it wasn’t him but his best friend. Not sure what all this means and have not really been in contact with this friend so it really confused me but also made me feel so good for the first time. I really hope that the old dreams are gone and this last one was a sign or something. What do you think??

  7. Sandra

    My husband died a yr ago.After he died within a few weeks he called me on the phone and my daughter-in-law and he typed on my computer,now I dream of him several nights a week, how can I move on if he continues this? I miss him alot and I loved him very much,but I realize that he is gone and my life is now very empty and lonely without him,but I need to move on,I am 65 and I do not want to be alone for the rest of my life. I really don’t want marriage,but a friend would be nice.What do you think?
    Thank you

  8. respect

    MY dad died when I was 12 I am now 47 dad died when he 42 . Protective dad was I was the lucky one he would get his guitar and sing his heart out to me on OUR back door step and every one could hear him singing and knew who he was singing to I loved it cause it was OUR time a lone . It happened one morning he was on the couch and me and my younger sister was sleeping on a mattress a long side the couch and he fell on me ( I was worried for my sister ) and I thought he was only playing but he wasn’t I totally freaked out after being able to get out I left my younger sister and told her I won’t be long I was worried I ran to my aunties knocked on the door didn’t wait for a reply and ran in asked for her and told her some thing is wrong with dad he isn’t moving aunty quickly got dressed I ran home aunty come not long after my dad was rushed to hospital tried to hold on but died I turned rebellious and nothing really in my life mattered after dad’s passing . I miss my dad my nan and my mother in law ‘ mum ‘ very much to this day and wished they were here to be with me , my daughters and there great great grand children to give them the love they gave me they were always there for me in all ways more then one . I know that when times are rough or the world seems so confused I call upon them even my koro ( who I never meet ) and ask them for guidance and I know they are guiding me . I thank them unconditionally always for being there for me , my daughters and my grand children and I know they are here with us all the time we are never alone . I was so lucky to have them in my life and so great full that they all shared there unconditional love with us and will continue to for ever . It still affects me today I am to scared to fall in love cause I am scared of losing that unconditional love again . I wish my koro my nan my dad and my mum a happy NEW YEAR . MY LOVE for YOU’s will never die xxx …

  9. Jennifer

    My father died in 2000 March of Prostrate cancer. Everytime I see my father in my dream, I am always crying. Why is that?

  10. Gaye

    I dreamt of my Dad too, he died in 1984 at only 34 years old, but when I was pregnant with my last son, I kept having vivid dreams that my dad was a Dr in the hospital and he was stealing my baby, a very tiny baby, no matter how hard I searched I couldn’t find them, but I wasn’t scared as it was my Dad who had him, 2 months later I learnt my son had hyper-plastic left heart syndrome, and sadly did not survive birth, I always feel it is a comfort dream, my dad showing me that I shouldn’t be worried he is looking after my son now.

  11. Sweetie

    my,ex-boyfriend and i had ups,and down,we had a loving,fun,and crazy relationship,but at the end,we departed from one another,its been 10 months,just recently i gets the feeling of missing him,and it feel like he is trying to connect to me,but he did me bad tho.whats does that say

  12. Pranay

    This happens with me also a lot of time specially my GF comes into my mind. This morning i saw her in my arms trying to wake me up for my office and gave me a kiss on my forehead. Then suddenly i woke up and was very upset not to see her. Although we are had a terrible breakup 2 years before. What is this??


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