DreamCast: Why You Dream of Your Ex

A dream about an ex doesn’t necessarily mean reconciliation, but it may reveal unconscious needs, desires or fears relating to a current relationship.

What a Dream About Your Ex Can Reveal

Joy in Cape Coral writes:

I had a dream that my husband was not around, and I ran into my ex-boyfriend from 20 years ago. In the dream, we got together, and then he moved in with me. I don’t understand – after all these years, why would I dream about my ex? Are we going to get back together?

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Hello Joy,

I don’t know if you’re destined to be with your ex-boyfriend, but what I can tell you is that, most likely, your relationship with your ex is mirroring something about your marriage. Two possibilities come to mind: The dream may reveal an element that’s missing from your marriage but which you had with your ex. Or, the dream is a warning that something is happening in your marriage that’s similar to what happened with your ex. Does that make sense?

Think about your ex for a moment. Is there a quality he had, or the relationship had, that you need from your husband? Something like excitement, freedom or sexual chemistry, perhaps? Conversely, was there a problem between you and your ex that is now appearing in your marriage? This could be any number of things, such as feeling tied down, powerless or insecure about the relationship.

“Relationships are hard. To say they aren’t is a lie, but the best things in life are the ones we have to work at constantly, and still enjoy.” Psychic Lacy ext. 5494

To discover the dream’s message, try closing your eyes and picturing your husband sitting beside your ex. Then imagine each of them telling you something that you need to hear. Take note of any feelings that come up for you too. This exercise can illuminate unconscious needs, desires or fears you have that affect your marriage – and other areas in your life as well.

Sweet dreams,

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  1. rosemarie smith

    My boyfriend left me because I was pregnant, when we just broke up I’d dream of him atleast once a week and the dreams usually be pleasant, what does it mean


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