DreamCast: What Do You Want from Life?

Heather in Salem, Alabama writes:

I keep having dreams about actor Bradley Cooper that feel so real. I wake up the next morning and feel like I lived it. Some of the dreams I remember in every detail. Why am I having these dreams and what are they telling me?

Hello Heather,

Dreams about celebrities are quite common. They usually reveal a trait, talent or type of person that the celebrity has or is that you want for yourself… or something you already have but need to develop, like success, wealth or creativity. Conversely, a celebrity dream may point out something you need to eliminate, such as an out-of-control lifestyle.

So what is it about this particular actor that you admire or dislike? A clue might come from one of his roles on TV (Alias) or in film (The Hangover or The A-Team). Or maybe it’s something about his personal life that you relate to. Being a Taurus yourself, perhaps you admire his earthy Capricorn Sun sign and want that type of man in your life. Remember, it’s not the actor himself that you’re connecting with, but some aspect of him. If you can discover what that is, you’ll unveil the dream’s message.

Sweet dreams,


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0 thoughts on “DreamCast: What Do You Want from Life?

  1. chloechloe

    Excellent interpretation Cortney. I also interpret dreams.

    Celebrity dreams are quite common and as you pointed out, celebrities often represent our idealized self and sometimes what we think our ideal partner might be like.

    It’s wonderful to read your interpretation.

    Love & Light!

    ~Chloe (ext. 9421)


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