Why You Need to Call Psychic Mark

If You Don’t, You’ll Kick Yourself Later

One of the perks of working at California Psychics is that I get to meet and work with so many wonderful psychics. Not too long ago, I had a series of psychic readings and by the time I got to read with Mark, I didn’t know what to ask. I sat down and wrote in my journal, “OK, dear spirit guides, I’m about to get another reading, and I have no idea what to ask. However, I feel that one of you is jumping up and down. We’ll see what that is all about with Mark.”

Psychic Mark ext. 5234 has been with the company for well over a year and is straightforward. He is an empath who is also a skilled clairvoyant and clairsentient. His presence is very calming, especially after a long, hard day at work.

Within moments, he told me about my life, like the fact I’ve been with my boyfriend for over seven years, I have some abandonment issues that go back to when I lived in Ohio (he told me the state!) and that I’m studying religion (I am studying Wicca in a coven). It was all true! I was surprised how quickly he connected to my energy and I didn’t say a word.

Before I could pick my jaw off the floor, he plowed on and told me that one of my spirit guides was jumping up and down wanting to talk to me. Mark told me that this guide wanted me to talk with her more, and that she had plenty of things to say in regards to a story I should write. He also mentioned that I would be writing a story about a coven.

A few weeks later, a member of my coven gave me the homework assignment to write a short story about the Wiccan Sabbats. I hadn’t told him what Mark said. As a matter of fact, when I sat down to write the story, I wasn’t thinking about what he had said. It wasn’t until I was well into writing the story (which is now a novel) and looking over my notes in my journal that I realized what Mark said had come true!

He also mentioned that I would write a lot more, from books to TV scripts. It’s also in my future to win an award for my published works. I can’t wait to see how this adventure unfolds.

It was a gift to have someone like Mark see me so clearly for the unique individual that I am. I gave very little information to him, and he uncovered things I had kept deep in my heart. Things I had not even talked about with my close friends or boyfriend. It was one of the most powerful readings I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a lot of readings!

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