Neptune in Libra: Your Role in 2012 is to Find the Power of Your Relationships

Born with Neptune in Libra: 1943-1957

If you were born between 1943 and 1957, or if your parents were, you carry a strong focus on relationships in your personal life, as Neptune was in Libra during this time. Libra also describes what you are to imagine into reality in 2012—a time surrounded by enormous transition for all of humankind.

Neptune is all about dreams, hopes, image and imagination—all that delights us and makes our lives magical. If you view that as “superficial,” you might want to think about how you view everyone and everything when you first have an encounter. That’s how everyone views you at first, and whether they find you enchanting or not, or what you’re presenting to them in some other tangible form.

If you’re a son or daughter of a Neptune in Libra Mom or Dad, you need to know that their unrealized dreams will help you understand yourself. The people born at this time grew up watching the perfect television families. They wanted to look like the people in the big house with the man happily working, the woman at home and the perfect children, but there were also the people left out of the dream—minorities, independent women, and more. The “dream” life had to grow and add depth.

You need to be an example of redefining relationship. It’s so much bigger and better than fairytale romance, and more challenging. Example “fairy tale” relationships reflect this today. Brad and Angelina raise children in need. “Princess Bride” Catherine of the UK will need to show her love of a nation and its people in addition to her man. Same sex couples are creating loving homes for many children.

You children of Neptune in Libra have come with an important role, and it’s time to spread your wings in 2012. You will show people that true communication naturally produces love and tolerance. The magic of life is relating on this level, and you are grounded in this truth.

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12 thoughts on “Neptune in Libra: Your Role in 2012 is to Find the Power of Your Relationships

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    Mi piace le informazioni preziose che fornisci su Io bookmark tuo blog e controllare di nuovo qui regolarmente. Sono abbastanza sicuro che imparare un sacco di cose nuove qui! In bocca al lupo per il prossimo!

  2. Jacqueline

    What an exciting article, there is going to be such positive, uplifting changes that are going to be occurring, changes that should have happened along time ago, very thrilled to be apart of this new time.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
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