DreamCast: Temptations

Are You Really Ready to Meet Your Soulmate?

Michelle in Miami writes:

I have been practicing being present/aware in my dreams, with the intention of becoming aware of, and going to visit, my soulmate (whom I do not know but feel?). In this recent dream, I am on a playground with a guy who looks like Justin Timberlake. He is upset because he lost his teeth. I help him find them with an attitude of helpfulness, but I am a little annoyed. Once I find his teeth, I realize I’ve lost one of mine. So I go visit my grandparents to fix it. Then I leave and go to my house where I grew up, to put on this yellow and lavender dress to meet “Justin.” I lie down for a minute, and my ex-husband jumps onto the bed on top of me. I kick him out and he runs away laughing. I discover the dress has pistachios stuck to it. It’s the only dress in the closet, so I wash it and leave.

In the next scene, “Justin” is in my old dorm room from college, wearing a green army jacket. He plays a record on an old player—the song is John Lennon’s “#9 Dream” (I don’t remember this song in waking life.), but I think it’s The Temptations. “Justin” laughs and asks me what I want for breakfast.

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Hello Michelle,

Temptations, huh? That word certainly popped out at me when I read your dream. Are you sure you’re ready to meet your soulmate? There are a lot of temptations out there!

But before I continue, I’d like to say how fantastic it is that you’re working with your dreams. They are your best resource for guidance and will help prepare you for a compatible and loving relationship. On that note…

Justin Timberlake likely symbolizes your ideal guy. Or maybe this ideal guy will indeed resemble the singer. Anything’s possible. However, the playground environment indicates immaturity concerning relationships (or what you want in a guy). Also, the missing teeth suggest the need for some inner growth/awareness before this relationship comes about. Feeling resentful when helping “Justin” and then discovering you’re missing a tooth is rather revealing. Do other people’s problems tend to sidetrack you from your own goals or problems? Perhaps trying to “fix” a man you’re involved with causes you to lose something of yourself.

It’s interesting that you sought out your grandparents to fix your missing tooth. Do you admire their relationship and how they handle problems together? Perhaps they are good role models for you.

Another clue that you’re working through some issues are the numerous references to your past, such as encountering your ex-husband at your childhood home. The dress is likely your desire for a soulmate. However, what you got instead was a failed marriage, which “soiled” this ideal for you. Fortunately, cleaning the dress indicates you have achieved some inner healing.

The John Lennon song, “#9 Dream” reference is especially sweet. I think that after you work though some emotional issues, you’ll attract a man who is a dream come true, not just another temptation.

Sweet dreams,


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4 thoughts on “DreamCast: Temptations

  1. Cecilia Woodard

    I have always been told that we dream every night. My problem is I hardly ever remember a dream. This bothers me because I hear people talk about their vivid dreams. I wish I could remember mine. What does it mean that I don’t remember my dreams?

  2. Chrissi Matusevics

    I met mine- but I messed up as I was immature and selfish- but we kept getting back together till his family got him married by proxy and brought her to the UK(it was allowed then) I said he should give her a chance as she was from a very backwoods area and was terrified here- I thought I’d successfully moved on- I’d married myself, and had a son but when I heard he’d died it was like someone had ripped my heart out of me- and now see all the faults in both my behaviour then- and my poor husband now, that I had overlooked I thought he had been like my soulmate but since he had cancer he hasn’t been the same he used to be fun, and we’d do things on the spur of the moment, though that died soon after we married- I cant really leave him as he needs me and the only one I would even have thought of that with is gone- but I catch myself hoping to be with him in my next life- and sooner rather than later as well

  3. Anita coffee

    Hi, am so confused, ve nt found him yet, I mean my soul mate, I feel so lonely, each time I dream abt him,bt vent met him. Pls am confused. Anita 4rm Nigeria


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