DreamCast: Stop Running and Face Your Fears

Misty in Mobile, Alabama writes:

In my dream I’m waiting to get on a plane or starship that’s supposed to take me to safety somewhere. There are lines of pilots of different ethnic backgrounds dressed in what looks like spaceship (Star Trek) clothing. The suits are alike except for different colors, and represent different nations. The planes are the colors of the spacesuits the men are wearing. They’re lined up above my head. I’m waiting to be told which plane/starship to board. I’m told by a strange man that there is water flooding below us and we don’t have much time, but there is no guarantee that flying away will save us.

I suspect this must mean I’m subconsciously hoping to escape something or in fear of something, and want secretly to fly away or run away.

Hi Misty,

I think your suspicions are spot on. Flooding symbolizes inner turmoil, so you’re trying to escape or rise above an emotional issue. What’s more, the fact that the pilots were all men suggests your dream is shedding light on your love life—or perhaps your relationship with the “male” (assertive) part of your psyche.

Fortunately, you have plenty of choices—either literally, in many potential paramours, or figuratively, in how you handle emotional situations. Perhaps you have too many choices. You indicated you’re a Libra, the sign of balance, so getting off the fence to make a decision may be difficult for you in this instance.

Also, your September 29 birthday tells me that Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn are influencing your Sun. That threesome packs a wallop! Saturn can bring up all kinds of fear, especially concerning commitment, being alone or any lack you’re experiencing in your life. Uranus and Pluto are there to illuminate (Uranus) and eliminate (Pluto) whatever is blocking your personal growth.

So the question is, what are you afraid of? Running away from it won’t keep you safe. You can’t escape yourself, after all.

Sweet dreams,


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One thought on “DreamCast: Stop Running and Face Your Fears

  1. Gregory

    I was born on 07/07/1955 at seven minutes before seven in the morning I believe this to be of some signifigance but u need to tell me what?


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