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Neptune in Pisces: Look to Our Neptune in Virgo Generation for Guidance and Contrast

Born: 1930-1943, 2011-2024

Anyone having children beginning in 2011 through 2024 will have a Neptune in Pisces baby. While Neptune isn’t given the rulership of a sign in traditional astrology; it has a major affinity for Pisces and should be considered as a “sister energy” carrying much of the same mythology. Neptune feels really “at home” in Pisces, and expresses to its fullest here.

Great musicians, psychics and writers have been born during the period of Neptune in Pisces, so be prepared for your child’s highly sensitive and empathetic nature. They are also completing a huge phase begun by the group born with Neptune in Virgo. The people who are acknowledged as those who broke the music world open for most popular musicians today are Elvis, the Beatles, Bob Dylan, the Motown Sound creators, the Rolling Stones and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys—all born with Neptune in Virgo. There have been several generations since them who still honor their breakthrough work and have carried on offering inspiration to the world.

So, how will the Neptune in Pisces children complete this cycle? When we look at the timing for the Neptune in Virgo births, they occurred during the time of the Great Depression and World War II. These artists were (and still are) devoted to peace and abundance for all people. The war period was a period of charismatic leaders—some great, like Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt, and some horribly destructive, like Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin. These children were a positive reaction to this.

Look for the Neptune in Pisces children to finish the process of inspiring people to love and be tolerant of others. They will see the importance of “One People, One Planet” for the future survival of humanity. Our job is to support these sensitive children into being responsible toward the planet without being overwhelmed by humanity’s former injustices. We must also teach these children to use their mystical, charismatic natural abilities to enchant people toward what serves everyone. They were, or will be, born with the magic that can inspire the rest of us.

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