DreamCast: Release the Bonds of Loneliness

Diane in Newcastle, England writes:

I am 56 years old and have been divorced from my first husband for 17 years—we were married for 20 years and have two children.

In my dream, he and I were in a wood, lying together on the ground. He appeared as he was when we were young. It was either autumn or winter as the trees are bare. I suddenly saw an apple on a low branch, and when I walked over to look at it, I discovered four apples in a perfect row. They were all large, but a bit past their best. I picked all four, feeling a bit guilty, because I knew that I can’t eat them all. Then realize I can make applesauce.

The wood then became dark, and my ex-husband said he hoped there are no ghouls or ghosts. I said I hoped there were because there would also be the opposite, which is God, who would protect us. I think that my ex-husband did not protect me from what had happened, and the answer came back that he can’t protect me from myself. I told him that I want to go home, so we leave.

Sometimes, I feel lost and rootless, and that I am wandering alone through life. Does this dream indicate that my life will always be this way? What can I do to change it?

Hello Dianne,

Your dream isn’t confirming your lonely destiny, but rather, revealing your personal power in making choices. You are indeed the director of your own life. It’s time to let your ex off the hook, so you can move forward.

As for the apples, unless they have a specific meaning for you, I think they represent your family of four when you were married. Although you knew it wasn’t the perfect setup, your resourcefulness turned these imperfections into something valuable for your family. Give yourself some credit for making the applesauce!

I see from your birthday that you are an early Aries. Fortunately, 2011-2012 is an intense period of change for you. Your Sun connecting with Pluto and Uranus will prompt an internal shift that enables you to release the past at a deeper level. This will free up your energy so you can create a new path. Additionally, you’ll be experiencing a Saturn return in 2013, which will help you forge a new and brighter foundation for your life.

Sweet dreams,


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One thought on “DreamCast: Release the Bonds of Loneliness

  1. Dyk

    he a sag.. he will be full of life.. the life of the party.. he likes comedy.. hororr.. and girls who are smart.. he has a lot of energy..he talks allot..he is very smart..he can succeed at anything he want to be in life.. but if he falls.. he can turn into junkie..or fall in to deep depression.. they do not like to lose they are a fire sign and very competitive


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