DreamCast: In Love, But Ignored

A woman’s dream about her boyfriend suggests that he is emotionally absent. Her boyfriend may need to verbalize his feelings in order for her to feel his love.

Physically Present, Yet Emotionally Absent

Marvinese in Georgetown, South Carolina writes:

I’ve been having the same dream about my boyfriend for about six-to-eight months now. (We’ve been together for two-and-a-half years.) In the dream I am at his home, and I find myself looking for him but he’s always right there. When I do reach him he always walks past without acknowledging me. When he’s done doing whatever he’s doing and goes to bed, there’s always another woman in his bed with him. Mind you, I’m still in the house. Can you please tell me what’s going on? Also note that I’m much younger than he.

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Hello Marvinese,

Is your boyfriend physically present but emotionally absent? As a Leo you need to be acknowledged! Actually, everyone needs attention from the people they love, but Leos in particular crave appreciation. So, do you feel that your boyfriend’s attention is elsewhere? This may not involve another woman. The woman in bed with him in the dream could symbolize a nonsexual “mistress” such as his job, friends or just about anything he’s focused on. It’s something inside of him you’re searching for. Is it his love? He may think he’s conveying his feelings to you, but you’re not getting the message in a way that lights up your heart.

Usually, people respond to some forms of expression more than others, preferring to hear, see or feel (physically) their partner’s affection. Maybe you need your boyfriend to verbalize his feelings so you hear his love, or give you gifts so you see his love, or be more affectionate or sexual toward you so you feel his love. Think about what you need from him so you “get” that he cares for you, and then discuss it with him.

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Sweet dreams,


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