Your Career Forecast for June 2012

Put Your Dreams Into Action

With Mars still gaining momentum in hard-working Virgo, it’s a great time to gain a new career perspective and possibly some new skills. The next full Moon is a lunar eclipse which happens on the same day dreamy Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces (June 4). Retrograde Venus conjuncts the Sun (June 5), and then there’s the first of seven powerful Uranus-Pluto squares (June 24).

There’s a revolutionary spirit in the air. Be careful not to burn any bridges, but do have passion. Dare to dream about doing something you love. Think new career or a part-time job. Revisit the idea of a career life that better matches your dreams and possibly even reinvent yourself. The planets have scarcely been better aligned to guide you on that path. Not sure if you’re ready to charge ahead with your dreams? Talk with Psychic Nicholas ext. 5499 who can see what’s in the stars for you.

In addition to your Sun sign career forecast, read about your rising sign, too. Astrology can be a helpful guide in finding your career path. 


Use your superior social skills to get noticed. Clubs, associations and general networking (even social networking) will benefit your career greatly. Superstar.


Jupiter in Gemini (June 11) brings you luck in leaps and bounds when it comes to monetary resources. Innovative.


This is a month made in twin heaven. Jupiter and the second new Moon in your sign are green lights for forging into the future. Spirited.


If ever you wanted to make those career dreams come true, now’s the time to make it happen. Just be focused. Visualize.


The wheels (in your head) are in motion, amping up when Mercury hits Leo (June 25), but avoid the retrograde (July 14-August 8, 2012 ) and present your big idea before or after. Until then, keep tweaking the plan. Passionate.


Lucky Jupiter enters your career zone (June 11). You enjoy much career success, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be work. Remember to be humble and grateful. Shining.


Mercury the messenger in your career zone for most of June will help you get the word out and advance your endeavors. Just be your normally gracious self. Sparkling.


You’re very innovative and unafraid of success. That time will come very soon, but for now just show the world how steady and responsible you are. Foundations.


Partnerships at work or in your own business are favored by lucky Jupiter in Gemini (June 11). Luck from the new Moon in Gemini (June 19) will also help. Serendipity.


You may turn a job into a full-fledged career of your own. Wherever you concentrate your efforts is where you’ll find success. Determined. Curious about the next steps to turn your job into a career? Talk with Psychic Penelope ext. 5340 who can see your path ahead.


Jupiter and Venus together (from June 11) urge you to enjoy their luck where your most treasured career aspirations are concerned. Focus now on where you want to go. Formulate.


All the planets bringing Gemini luck and charm are opposite of your career zone. A new job, a new position with increased responsibility or a new path all together are all on the table. Readiness.

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  1. vipul rana

    i am always having concern with my future prospects and job, i am not satisfied with job, although working in good organisation and that too as a mangerial position

    kindly guide me remedies to get highest job satisfaction and let me know about my future
    my birth date is
    27th September, 1975

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