DreamCast: Have Faith to Find the Right Man

Are You In Control of Your Destiny?

Gloria in Benin, West Africa writes:

In my dream I got married, but I didn’t see or know the groom. And I didn’t like the wedding gown that was brought for me. Another one was purchased, but I didn’t like that one either, so I went to look for a gown of my choosing. However, when I finally found one, I discovered I was late for my wedding. I awoke as I was complaining about being behind in time.

Hello Gloria,

The wedding gown may be a symbol of your choice in men, or it could symbolize your attitude about marriage in general. In either case, you don’t seem to feel in control of your destiny because someone else is buying the gown for you. This means you’re being influenced by outside forces in regard to marriage. You’re 31 years old. Do you feel pressured by your family to find a husband? Or perhaps you’re seeing your friends get married and start their families, which makes you feel that time is passing you by.

Fortunately, at the end of the dream you take the initiative to buy a wedding gown on your own, which is a very good indication that you’re following your own inner guidance. I think you need to trust your own timing and not rush into marriage because that’s what you (or others) think you should do. Trust yourself and have faith that you’ll find the right man to marry when the time is right.

Sweet dreams,

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3 thoughts on “DreamCast: Have Faith to Find the Right Man

  1. Jakira

    Cortney,I never had the pleasure of meinteg Karl, he was either depolyed as a proud Marine or at the Trooper training. That’s a lot of service to country and state by Karl and sacrifice of time together by you. Its rare to see two young people be able to make that kind separation work but there has always been a differnt look on your face when you talked about Karl. We could tell there was a very special bond between you and it serves as a great example for us all. Celebrate your love for Karl and the life of service he lead. We are thinking of Karl and praying for you and your family. We wish you strength and healing and love from those surrounding you.In Peace,Ian

  2. ayobami

    It is always better to wait on the lord than to rush into marriage,marriage is not the bed of roses as it needs a lot of tolerance and patience to survive.


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