Hear What Your Gut is Telling You

See the Signs, Accept the Guidance

We get signs all of the time. Once we start trusting the messages we’re receiving, and not dismissing them for some silly notion or coincidence, we start to realize what a very thin veil exists between us and a little loving intervention.

Guidance or Intuition

Sometimes guidance comes from intuition, otherwise known as our second voice or inner voice. Sometimes though, perhaps in times of desperation or grief or even stubbornness, when our inner voice may be shut off, or even if the time is just right, we receive a little assistance from our spirit guides, our angels and/or perhaps even a loved one watching over us. When we need them most, they are there to step in and guide us along a safe path.

You’re driving down a wrong road and make a wrong turn. You’re lost. You look for a place to pull over, and you see a quaint little store with sunflowers growing all around it. You’ve always loved sunflowers. Something tells you to stop in; you’ve got time, and maybe you can ask for directions. The second you walk in the store, you’re captivated and thinking to yourself how you’d love to own a store just like it. You strike up a conversation with the owner, and you have an instant report. A few months later, the two of you are planning a future and running the store together.

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It could happen, just like that. What made you stop there of all places? Was it your intuition, or some type of divine guidance? Does it really matter? Aren’t you just glad that you listened?


Our intuition is as much a part of us as our personality. It’s with us all of the time, whether we choose to pay attention or not. Some of us ignore our intuition, brush it off as if it’s nothing. Others, who are aware of their intuition, rely on it to guide their every move. Most people fall somewhere in between the two. We should at least listen to our own intuition as much or as often as we rely on the advice of others.

Angels and Guides

We have angels and guides looking after us all of the time. They watch over us, but for the most part, they don’t interfere in our day-to-day lives. But when we need a push or a nudge or just a little message (or a big one), they are there to put situations right in front of us, making sure we sit up and notice. So, the next time you get delayed because someone is driving slowly in front of you or because you got detoured along the way, don’t be mad, be grateful, because being late may just been the one thing that saved you from being at the wrong place at the wrong time. That is just one example of the types of signs we should happily receive.

Welcome the gift of signs.

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27 thoughts on “Hear What Your Gut is Telling You

  1. Son

    I’ve had this overwhelming need to tryi to reestablish some type of relationship with a lady that I lived/loved and laughed with for over three years planning on a wonderful future together….unfortunately, there was hardly ever enough time for the two of us to learn each other as time and schedules were always a problem….eventually, I really blew everything by having a two-day stand….rather than allow time and communication to happen, I broke her heart (and mine) further by allowing my guilt and shame to take over and I walked out of our life together, thinking she’d never want me again. Over the years, I tried to find her many times; but, either I didn’t try hard enough or there was too little information to go by…until now….since February, I’ve had this ephipany and have been driven with the notion that we will get back together again (of which I always believed we could)….I did find her….she lives over 5,000 miles away and has a very high profile life, very prominent/professtional with two grown children….I think she’s married! I emailed her my intentions of wanting to reestablsh communication with her, how I’ve tried to find her….I kept the message very light and asked that she please respond to either let me know that she had read the message and would like to reconnect; or whatever!
    I attempted several times to reach her for fear she never received the email……finally, about two weeks later, I received a response that her “authorities” instructed her to advise me not to contact her again….this was never the woman I knew! She would never have someone else speak for her let alone tell her what to do…..I responded that I received the sad disappointing news; however, if she ever did need me to just call and I would be there…I reluctantly said Good Bye. Normally, if someone tells me to hit the road: it’s over, I don’t require a brain surgeon or a cinder block…I usually get the message! I have analyzed this to death, spoke with friends and family, prayed to Spirit, Archangels, even those that have passed on….and have no idea what to do. Normally, I regretfully have hardly ever listened to my intuition; but, I am having a real hard time with this……my dilemma to try and let this go and move on in life; or to hang in there….I keep getting this thing in my gut telling me to be patient…..I can’t get rid of this notion that I will be hearing from her…..that we/together are part of the future.
    Do you feel this is intuition; or have I finally lost it…..I trully don’t know how to handle this one!

  2. Stanley

    I’m was in a long distance relationship. I texted my lady friend during the Xmas holiday of 2011. She took an unusually long time (25 mins) to respond. My intutition said to me, “A man was present in her home”. I purchased an airline ticket online and flew to her home within 48 hours. She was so shocked to see me when I caught them together in her home because he was spending the night. I try to listen to my intutition most the time. But that time, the volume was up and I heard the message loud and clear. My spirit guides have never let me down.

  3. FIL

    I am divorced and I have one son. When my ex-husband passed away, in his will he left everything to my son. I have noticed a difference the way my family treats me every since my son’s inheritance.
    I definitely have this strong feeling from my sister-in-law and my sister.

    I have not done anything to hurt them and I make sure I walk a straight line with them during social occasions. I feel that they are jelous of me and my son. I also feel that I am being pushed out of the family and it has reached the point that the only time that I am invited is when I have to bring a big gift, like a wedding or shower. My sister is being influenced by sister-in-law. (I was very close to my sister most of my life)

    I do not what do, should I cut them off completely from my life or should I put up with the abuse?
    I have reached the end of my rope.


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  5. Lana

    When we force things or events to happen, don’t you notice it really doesn’t work out after all? Follow the signs and you will never go wrong!

  6. Gwen Brush

    Today I was jogging on my ususal neighborhood route which is approximately three miles. When I get to the end I cut through the back road and walk along the river to cool down. It is about 1/2 mile long but a nice walk. This time I got a feeling like I should walk on the street side today on the sidewalk along the houses. “I don’t feel like going along the river today for some strange reason”, I said to myself. So I walked along the street instead of my usual river ending. Down the road was a little old man from my neighborhood who lives alone now because his kids are grown and his wife is deceased. He was locked out of his house and sitting in his car. He asked me to help him as I walked by and I helped him get into his home. The door was just stuck. There was an inner voice guiding me to this man and I am glad I listened.

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    There are no coincidences in life ( I was shown this, after I died twice ,on the other side )

    …..your own guides are all around each and every one of us…..they give us signs to show us the way

    When I teach I refer to them as Karmic markers for they are alot like markers on a highway……

    pay attention to your intuition and the signs…

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  8. Sara Saron

    First Communication from My Special Angel “Ron”………..

    I just knew I would be hearing from “Ron” soon…….

    Monday 11-7-2011 was Ron’s first Birthday in Heaven yet his Spirit felt it was time to begin to communicate with me.

    Ron’s sister Linda and I went Monday morning 11-7-2011 to the Mausoleum to spend time with Ron on his 62nd Birthday.I took Ron flowers, his personalized meditation tapes he created in his own voice to play for him and also his special Healing Tibetan Bowl. I and also Linda felt as though Ron was still with us.

    After lunch, we went out to run some errands. We passed the Gas Station where Ron would always get gas when we lived in Cleveland over 5 years ago and the Gas Price was $3.11 ( My Birthday ). On the way back home after running errands for about an hour, we passed this Gas Station again and now the Gas Price was $3.49 ( 1949 was the year Ron was born ). I got goose bumps, felt a HUG and started to cry in happiness that Ron was letting me know that he was here for me. Ron always used My Birthday and his Birth Year in codes and such. Ron’s sister Linda was even very amazed and truly believed Ron was making communication with me. ( I was extremely shocked at Linda’s amazement as Linda does not believe in Psychics or Life After Death ).

    I have been thinking about selling Ron’s Saturn car for cash and than buying a new car ( considering a KIA once I decide where I was going to move on to.) While driving around in Linda’s car, Linda and I stopped at a Dealership that buys cars out right. They told me to bring the Saturn during the week and they would give me a price. As Linda slowly backed out of the parking spot to leave she bumped into one of the cars for sale on the lot. Neither one of us had seen that the car was even there to back into. Oddly, Linda’s car was not damaged at all not even a scratch or smudge yet the car she backed into the side door of ( a KIA ) dented and the door was not able to be opened. Linda was hardly moving when she backed up and it was though this KIA was thrown behind us in a flash. I started getting goose bumps again and felt Ron’s presence and again started to cry. Linda and I both agreed this was Ron’s strange way of telling me to keep his Saturn car and NOT to buy a KIA. Ron is still watching out for my safety in the future ( My Special Guardian Angel )……..If I bought a KIA, I could be trapped inside in an accident.

    What a day!!! I always felt I had some spiritual or psychic connections to the heavens and now with My Special Guardian Angel Ron, my true purposes may blossom.

    Ron has had a connection to the Spiritual and Psychic Universe for over 40 years. Ever since Ron was electrocuted in High School and should have died, Ron has had many Out of Body experiences.

    I believe that as Ron’s Spirit heals and becomes stronger, Ron will be in continuous contact with me.

    Until the next encounter with My Special Spirit Angel Ron…………May you all live your days in happiness and joy. And always remember to follow the “Golden Rule” in life as Ron and I always believe in. Share Love, Happiness and Smiles with everyone you meet.

    Hugs, Love and Smiles to all my friends,

  9. misskrystal

    So much truth to this all-I would say most of the time, it is true.
    I find what works well, is, what many of the great philosophers have said-Listen close to, “Do not do” vs. “Do” Usually, it is best to listen to warnings, instead, of being aggressive. I have saved myself, time and time, again, listening to the “DO not do” instead, of “GO DO THIS”
    I really have!! Hope that makes sense. Thanks so much. This is in general, of course. Miss Krystal

  10. Najmul Najmi

    Many things regarding fortune has been said about me by various psychics in the last few days. Some of them regard it as a Golen Time of entire life. Some have pointedout to some negative forces working against me and clouding everything…Some other psychics say just opposite to it. I dont know who to trust and who to abandon? Could you please guide me on this issue? My
    dob is February 21, 1941 and place was Gaya (Bihar) in India. Time was 4:30 a.m.

  11. Wendy

    I believe in signs and that things happen for a reason. I’ve had some dreams and they’ve come true in some way. Anyway, i was talking to a man but he went back to his ex, and I’ve tried to stop thinking about him. Once I did and then i had a dream that he said he loved me. Then another one that he was having problems with his partner again. It’s weird because i new this man but didn’t talk to him before and I dreamt he said he was leaving his wife then a few weeks later we become friends and he tells me he is separating. That was strange. So now i don’t know if we’ll ever be together again one day. Maybe i keep dreaming of the things i would like to hear from him. Like that he loves me or that he’s separating again.

  12. ida jararuse

    i was brought to this site for a reason ive had a re-occuring dream for a while but never checked it out til a few days ago n i got distracted by a few things on your site and started to check out a few things and was brought to here ive noticed in my life ive had alot of these things happening to me like as if i werent in control of my body or mind ive had a lot of predictions too and i never cleared it off to be a coincidence i always knew i was “gifted a little and started to listen to myself and practising it but ive lost it for a while and its coming back even stronger than before … i find it pretty cool that when i checked out th is page my questions were answered in how and why these things were happening in my life and im continuing to listen and practise it =] there is too much for me to believe that happened in my life to say that i know i have a little bit of psycic in me =] …

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  14. France

    Everything which is said in this article is true. We should listen to our inner voice, pay attention to signs and like the child story of the little boy wo was lost in the forest and left small stones behind him to have people find him, we too must consider each sign like the litle stone we can follow to find our way. And it is true that if we get delay on the road we should not be upset because most of the time something happened and we think: “If I would have been at that particular time in that place the same thing could have happened to me.”
    It looks like there is a purpose for each thing we are encountering, we must pay attention to the signs. They are sent by God who is showing us the way to walk in our long journey in this life on earth. When we do not pay attention then we miss the opportunity to have the good life that God wants to offer us on this planet earth.

  15. Amy

    Great article!!! All so, so true!!! One final thought…always remember to thank your guides and angels not only daily because they are always there, but also after every aversion you complained about only to be relieved that it happened the way it did! Always be greatful and acknowledge their subtle and not so subtle “interventions”! :o)

  16. Jessica

    Dear LJ,

    A very nicely done article. The thin veil…that’s just how I feel about it, and it’s a lovely awareness!

    Thank You!

  17. Angel

    Wow this is so true. I have not been listening to that inner voice. I have been procrastinating. All of my readings keep telling me to do it to fill my destiny. But that fear is always there. Great advice once again.

  18. Sary

    It’s very good explaination on “angels & guides” . That what I often heard from the buhhdist monk who learn lots of doctrines about the buhhda who is one of the best philosophist in the world.


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