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Silvana in Cebu City, Philippines asks:

I dreamed I was in a coffin, and when I opened my eyes I saw huge rocks and scissors falling toward me. My body froze, and my heart kept pounding very fast. I tried to shout for help, but I couldn’t move my lips nor utter any words. Then suddenly I saw my own body inside the coffin, and I cried until I woke up with tears on my face. What does this dream mean?

Hello Silvana,

A coffin can represent the “death” of a part of you, like an old lifestyle, attitude or relationship you’ve released (or need to release). But in your case, the coffin seems to indicate you feel restrained and powerless in some way. What area of your life feels restricted? You can’t move or talk, which implies you’re unable to verbalize a feeling or act on a desire. What’s more, you apparently feel helpless to deal with outside influences that threaten you in some way, as symbolized by the rocks and scissors. Whatever the issue is, your inability to ask for help indicates you feel alone in the situation.

Your birth chart shows you’re a Libra, but it’s the multiple squares between Virgo (Venus and Mars) and Sagittarius (Moon, Uranus and Jupiter) influences that may reveal the problem. Your desire for domesticity (Virgo) is at odds with your need for independence and freedom (Sag). A traditional lifestyle may leave you feeling trapped. Finding a balance between those opposite needs may be the key to liberating your true self.

Sweet dreams,


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