4 Famous Past Life Cases

There are good reasons to consider having a past life psychic reading. Throughout history, there have been documented cases of people knowing things about the past they could only have known if they had been there. Is that possible? Have you walked this way before? Consider four famous cases of reputable people whose distant past experiences only make sense if reincarnation is a factor.

1. Bridey Murphy

Virginia Tighe (Apr 27,1923–July 12,1995) was a Colorado housewife who consulted a therapist about personal issues in 1956. In hypnotherapy, Bridey Murphy (Virginia’s past self) began speaking with a thick Irish accent and talking about a life in 19th Century County Cork, Ireland. Over time, she named names, gave dates, and retold specific events. Much of what she said cannot be explained away as coincidence. Books, movies, sound recordings, and transcripts of the hypnosis tapes are widely available. Her story is still in hot debate.

2. Joan Grant

Sekeeta and others (Apr 12,1907–Feb 3,1989). Joan Grant was a highly respected and well-published author of historic fiction/romance books in the 1930s. She wrote a major best-selling “novel” called Winged Pharoah, which she later declared was the true story of one of her past lives. She called herself Sekeeta, a Pharoah’s daughter. Her husband, psychiatrist Dr. Denys Kelsey, did past life age regression therapy on her and they wrote their biography detailing many incarnations. She wrote more than a dozen books in her lifetime and was a frequent speaker at the Edgar Cayce Association.

3. James Huston, Jr.

James Leininger (1998– ) is the son of pretty normal, educated, non-crackpot parents, but he had more than 15-minutes of fame when ABC reporter Chris Cuomo did a story about the boy being the reincarnation of a WWII pilot, James Huston. A fascinating story, it is believed even by people who had contact with the pilot prior to his death in a fiery plane crash. The boy has nightmares about the crash, knows more about airplanes than you’d believe, and has told personal details about the pilot including the exact name of a friend he flew with. His story spread around the world in 2004. In 2009, his memories of the pilot began to fade. Experts say that’s not unusual for past life memories.

4. Monica

John Ralph Wainwright (died 1907). Though Monica’s real name is not known, her story is often cited as evidence of past life reality. In the late 1980s, Monica,began seeing therapist Garrett Oppenheim. She believed she had lived previously as a Wisconsin born law officer named John. R. Wainwright, who later lived in Arizona and other parts of the southwestern United States. Her sessions apparently revealed some of his family details. She remembered being shot on July 7, 1907 by men Wainwright had sent to jail.

Stories of reincarnation can’t be proven, though quantum physics begins to indicate that many such things are possible. If you feel you may have had a past life, a psychic regression may be of benefit to you. If you’re aware of an interesting past-life history, leave a comment so we can share.

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30 thoughts on “4 Famous Past Life Cases

  1. Amber

    From the time I was Little every time I saw a bloody movie or anything with a lot of blood, I’d have a sharp pain in my ribs on my left side. I remember thinking when I was young I was stabbed but I wasn’t at least not in this life. Years later really diving into this I imagine a woman who looks nothing like me in Ancient Rome, she is stabbed by her much older husband who she was forced to marry and doesn’t love, because she has an affair and when the husband confronts her about it she insults him which leads to him stabbing her out of anger. I also get a sense of past domestic violence for her as well. I strongly believe she was one of my past lives.

  2. Leah

    From the age of 6 I had a recurring dream of being a jewish girl that was being led away to be executed; only to be led away and saved by a German officer who looks after me and hides me from harm; He ends up being my partner for the rest of my life. This stayed with me until I was 28. I am now 44. I have also had another recurring dream of being a male in Tudor England where I am in a relationship with another man and I physically abuse him. I am unsure what any of this means but I am curious to find out.

  3. Sharon

    I always had a phobia of dying or drowning in water although I loved water very much I couldn’t garner the courage to go under water even in a knee deep swimming pool. As a result I was never really able to learn swimming. One early morning around 5 am, I got this dream wherein I saw myself in a train which had submerged in water after falling off a bridge and what I was seeing and experiencing seemed real as I could feel all the details and I was gasping for breath and drowning in water. This is when my mom realized I was struggling to breathe and she woke me up. Ever since I lost my fear of drowning in water and learned to swim by myself. I couldn’t explain the sudden change in my attitude.
    That made my belief that past lives do exist and all that we fear or experience in this life is connected to certain incidences in earlier lifetimes and we just need to understand the root cause to release the energy.


  4. Smita Banerjee

    I can never fast..or stay without food for long..so much so that i start feeling sick ..nauseatic or gritty…does this effect due to some past life phenomenon…also i am dead scare of darkness..i get a spine chilling feeling in darkness of a room even …does these feeling accur because of any past life incidents?????????????

  5. Hampton

    I have a book to write of a very intricate story of a past life individual/character. I am looking for funding for research, travel costs and additional fact checker help.
    I’m an artist and you can view my work at hamptonwalls.com
    This story is under fiction as my character goes into detail of taking the knowledge of past lives further than anything written so far, or at least that I have seen.

    Please email me if interested or have any resources to be involved in my project.
    Thanks, JRH

  6. Jayne Whitehead

    Hi..I was given a past life reading and it was revealed that I was Queen Eleanor of Aquataine, I did indeed feel myself lying on a ship bunk..her many journeys at sea?…I do believe in past lives but finding out that one was of a famous person is indeed impossible to believe..so I am searching for other reasons why this kind of thing comes to light, what are we being shown in truth?

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  8. Janine Gillespie

    I believe in reincarnation as well, and I am a scientist!!! (I am VERY open minded for one I have to say!)

    I am getting to terms with some interesting and fascinating past life information of my own and if I managed to find the historical back up to what I am getting and seeing, then I know for sure this past is not a joke! Sometimes I feel like I am going insane!

    It’s always seeped in for me somewhere in my life since I was young, getting spontaneous past life recall (it seems) and seeing things in dreams seem to be the main things.

    This is certainly and eye opening and rewarding experience for me.

    Bright blessings
    J ?

  9. Layla Geldhof

    I really would like to have a past life regression and i allready asked my psychotherapist but he thinks its dangerous to get back to things who could be traumatic to experience some things again ,that was about something in my past in this life so this is different ,who could help me out to find someone who knows what he or she is doing ?Blessed be Layla angelheart

  10. dejavu1648

    About to go to Salem, Mass to retrace a possible past life; hopefully, it will be the basis of my first book. I share a Puritan life like the blog on “inanna 49 (3-26-2011),” & I lived very close to DONNER PASS, TRUCKEE, CA. I was fascinated with the Donner Party’s plight, as a child & visited the site shortly before relocating from California…the vibrations from the historical site were jarring.

    Hopefully, my journey as a potential psychic and author will be of interest and value to my supporters.

  11. Anthony Acosta

    1interesting, yet highly questionable, why does it seem that everybodies past lives have ended in violence, isnt it just possible to die in peace, someone please answer me im confused

  12. morganamorgana

    So many of these comments document spontaneous past life recall and it is sooo important to learn to listen to what your own intuition is trying to tell you. I try to remind clients that “pulls” towards a particular place and/or time period are very good indicators of past life connections. Spirit is always communicating with us, we just need to practice listening!

    I’m very impressed with those readers who are not only open to their childrens past life musings but in fact supportive of them. Children don’t have the conditioning that adults do that such things as past lives aren’t real and therefore do not pre-judge their perceptions. Their connection to their prior selves can (not always) remain much more fluid when supported by their parents as opposed to being quashed by society.

    The statements relating to “releasing” of traumatic carry over is very well documented and is in fact the most fascinating component of Past Life Regression Therapy. A person generally only needs to view and understand that the Phobia affecting this life is in fact based in a past life to release the fear! Anyone interested in learning more about the amazing modality of Past Life Regression Therapy could study the “Bible” of the field written Past Life Regression Therapy by Dr. Winifred Blake Lucas PhD (who when I trained with her and told her she was my role model she stated “I hope it’s easier for you!”)

    And yes…we do tend to incarnate with the same souls…over and over. Different roles, same souls.
    Blessed Be
    Morgana (I’m completely enamored of this subject so pardon the rants!)

  13. Michael James

    I have always known I’ve lived before. As a child I had an ungodly fear of knives, every time on tv when someone was killed with a blade, I was freaking out, the sound of the blade crunching bones or tendons had me almost gasping for air. As I grew the fear went away. But still on a fairly regular basis I have had soldiers ask me what branch I served in. I have never been in the military, least not in this life. Something about my aura is giving off the signals that I was a warrior at one time. Maybe my death in a past life is what was affecting em as a child.

    I have met people with an instant dislike and others with instant feelings of connections. I believe people who were your friends in a past life somehow keep fining each other in this life. I know I knew my wife Dawn in another life. We met at a New Years Eve party that both of us didnt want to go to and at the last moment changed out minds. I can never forget it, it was the same night MTV first aired on tv. 🙂 After 13 years of marriage it fell apart, we separated and eventually divorced for 8 years and now have been back together the past five years. We are happy and we were meant to be together. She IS my soulmate, not for the level of love we have but for the fact we knew each other in a previous life. 🙂

  14. Susan Green

    I went to a past life regressionist in the 80s and my alaska life was discovered. I was driving 16 sled dogs, it was very cold. I lived in a log cabin. The cabin caught fire and my wife and 2 children died. I was crying when I was telling this. My dogs were my life after that. The city started with a K and it was the 1860s. It also came out that I lived in Germany during World War II and I got killed by a bomb. Also, I had a cowboy life.

  15. Patti Virnelson

    when my grandson was three years old he would see people in our house, that of course i couldn’t see. He would ask who the man was and i would tell him its his great grandpa Stan. One day Elijah said Gram ive died before. I asked him to tell me about it. He said he and his father were on a boat and they drowned. The water had turned to ice and the boat sank. At that age he didn’t know the word father, just daddy. He is now 15 years old and has no memory of that but he is still very intuitive and sensitive around certain people and events. I also believe i had a past life in the cape cod areq and somewhere there on the ocean in a ship. I feel it very strongly.

  16. Virginia Duty

    yes i have always had a fear of falling out of a plain as long as i can remember , i would wake up as a child sweating my dream was i am an adult and i am strapped to a double seat i am watching other people fallen they are screaming and all trying to undo there seats , there are explosions going on, i can hear them and never hit the ground i wake up just before i hit in a cold sweat as a little girl i had this reoccurring dream all the time . now as a 53 year old adult i have never flown in an air plane and always wanted to but cant.i am not a fearful person i love life , i can drive anywhere and i have rode on a train many times and big ships. but no planes. i also once went into a house in Houston as a 11yr old girl i knew where every room was and where the kitchen was and bathrooms it was weird oh the house was a plantation home from the turn of the century.

  17. inanna49

    I am a strong believer in past lives and reincarnation; I had a past life regression to a life in Armorica that I was able to research historically, when I was in my 40s. I was so impressed by the accuracy of what I experienced that I later learned the technique for regressing people myself.

    Now, when my daughter was around three years old, she used to tell me about her invisible friend, “Donner”. She told me that he was 46 years old and that he had a wife and 4 children. Not being educated in the States, I shrugged my shoulders and passed it off as childhood imagination. Then, when she was about 15 years old, I was doing past life regression with her best friend, while she was present in the room. After the regression was done and her friend had described a past life as a young Puritan woman in Massachusetts, my daughter remarked that she never wanted to do that again. When I asked her what she was referring to, she replied that she didn’t want to do another past life regression. I asked her why, and it turned out that she had gone on a journey to the “past life that has had the most impact on this life”, as I put it in the regression, and in that life she was a member of the Donner Party. Having starved like that has had a huge effect on her in this life, in that she cannot ever go without eating – she’s hypoglycemic!

  18. Darianna Diamond


    I often wonder if Dreams that I have are just this, for I can see the colors so bright, smell the smells, and know right where to go, almost as if I have already been there before!!

    I have some that in the dream for example I am being hurt, say cut and when I awake there is always a mark in that spot. NOW this is the real queston :where do these marks come from? For my ex husband and current boyfriend both say I never move when asleep, so I am not scratching my self! So where are they from??

    I think there is far more to this world then one person is ever going to truly know!!!!!

  19. diadriel

    I had always (still do) had a fiery passion to go to Greece and Turkey. My son asked me to join him on a school trip there. The most stunning moment of realizing we both had shared lives together at a different time came at the gates of Mycenae where we both had the same memory of him walking out of the city to war. I found myself knowing where I had lived there and what had been in the garden, and then finding the place with those medicinal herbs still growing there. We had many more such memories, and confirmations come to us at different places there and in Turkey. A psychic did tell me that my son had ‘chosen’ to come with me on my journey in this life because we had been friends for so many other lives. We continue to have such moments/memories which we share spontaneously when something ‘triggers’. It comes as what I describe as a “knowing”, not a guess, wish or imagination, just as I’ve found myself knowing the answer to something I have neither studied, nor been exposed to, yet when I do research, find that I was right.

    I firmly know that I travel journeys of learning by choice in this physical, learning plane. Each journey building upon the other, to learn the lessons I want/need to become more closely aligned with the divine within.

  20. Heather Yowell

    Hi, I have had past lives readings done on me. So far I have found out I was a Welsh miner in the 30’s, a Native American chief in the early America’s, a middle Eastern woman in the 1200’s, a African woman in the 1600’s, a Swedish longshoreman in the 1800’s, a trumpeteer in Queen Victoria’s court, A Swiss businessman in the 1700’s. I also happen to know that both of my parents were in a couple of these lives. My husband was in at least half of these past lives as either my brother, grandson, or a wife. I cannot wait to see if I have anymore and what they have to do with my present life. thanks Heather

  21. Sylvana Trupp

    I amfascinated too. At age 3 my daughter showed a morbid fear of fire and would panic, backing into a corner if the fire place was lit. She would scream for us not to light the fireplace. I found this strange as she had had no negative experience with fire. Her fear was real though. She cried, shook and breathed hard.

    After quiet talk with her, she began recounting how her family had died in a fire. She told of the “house made of wood”, that one wall fell down behind her but that the stone fireplace stayed up. She said her sister was under the wood.

    I was stunned. She had never witnessed such a scene, nor seen it on TV as I monitored that. She was only 3 and would not have been able to invent a story like this… and then there was the true and apparent fear.

    She is 12 now and seems to be fine with fire, her fears subsided. Just thought I’d share. Interesting.

  22. Sabina Tibold

    I belive that one lifetime of consciousness would not be enough to explore the human potentials, and being born again into an other form is just an other gift of the Univers’ mystery. In the ’80s I have met someove who opened up something in me, which led to the recall of two pastlife experiences. I wrote down my detailes, and did not tell any of it to this person. I asked if it would be OK if I helped him relex and see what imeges he would encounter in his minds eye, and he agreed. He described three major parts of my first pastlife with him, but was too tired to go father into the second, although he did see the same worn green door with a lace curtain on the inset glass. We never had a chance to explore together anymore after that.
    So I do believe, we are on a spiral of evolution on all possible levels of existence…

  23. Leisha Gibbons

    I sometimes get visions of my past life though not the full story. Im planning on going to see a hypnotherapist soon. One of my male friend’s I am sure was one of my past life husband but I will never ever tell him that.

  24. Psychic Reed ext.5105

    I have had several experiences concerning past lives. I want to share the top 3:

    I had trouble learning to swim. I sank – right to the bottom of the pool every time. Although during my adult years I learned to swim well under water, I never could stay on top of the water. I had a past life regression during which I experienced a drowning death. I was very surprised that the next time I got in the pool I floated. Reliving that event and facing it changed things dramatically. I now float with ease and am able to swim.

    Also during that past life regression, I saw a time in which my eyes were damaged. Years after the regression, when I was fitted for contacts, my eye doctor asked how I got the scars on my eye balls. The surface of my eyes have not been damaged during this life time, and yet I have scars. Those scars must have come from a different life.

    When my son was two, he began to tell me about one of his past lives in which he died accidentally as a child. He was adamant that we had named him wrong and he wanted his name to be the same as it was in that past life. He told the story for years and finally we did have his name legally changed to match his past identity. He is now a teenager and he says that he likes his name, but the memory of his past life has faded.


  25. morganamorgana

    This is a wonderful article listing some very famous cases of reincarnation. Personally having had spontaneous past life recall from early childhood I sought certification as a hypnotherapist and then past life regression therapist to further explore this fascinating subject! I personally recommend the tale of XXX who had such vivid recall of her prior (and tragic) lifetime as a very poor and ill Irish mother of six. She was desperately concerned about the children orphaned by her early death. This mother was able to find and meet with her “children” who while still living, were significantly older than their reincarnated “mother”. All of the living children accept that she IS their mother, as she knew details about their home, lives, etc that no stranger could have ever known. The title of the amazing tale is Across Time & Death.
    Thank you so much for discussing this wonderful and poignant topic. As I’m sure our other readers can concur…so many issues facing our clients are in fact based in past life issues…simply by awareness of the true cause of the issue, the client can often let go of any negative carry over!
    Brightest Blessings )O(

  26. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I’m familiar with the cases of Joan Grant ( thru A.R.E.) and James Huston, Jr……very interesting cases……made many people associated or familiar with these cases a strong believer in past lives and reincarnation.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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