DreamCast: Find What You’re Searching For

Jeanne in Tulsa, Oklahoma writes:

Before I begin, I’m a lucid dreamer, and my mother told me that my grandmother was also one. I don’t have nightmares, because if things start going bad, I just rewind and go a different direction.

In the dream I had last night, I’m living in a multifamily home (not apartments). There are no locks on the interior doors. It’s nighttime. I look out the window and see a green explosion in the distance. I think it’s strange because it’s green, but I’m not concerned because the explosion was pretty far away.

As I watch the fire flare in the distance, a woman comes up to the window and is distressed to see the flames approaching. I tell her not to worry, but then I see some green sparks hit the lawn and burn yellow. She raises the alarm to evacuate. Some people start packing, while others try to fight the small grass fires on the lawn.

I find myself trying to decide what to pack, finally deciding on my camping gear, some clothes and toiletries. I leave some stuff there. I load up my Subaru and leave, thinking, I wonder if I can afford an apartment at Utica Square Apartments (I had lived there 20 or so years ago). On the way there, I remember that they tore them down ten years ago. Then I remember that I have a house. I drive there, and discover that my mom and all my stuff I didn’t have in the multifamily house is there.

The last thing I remember thinking is, “Why was I living in that multifamily home and then looking for an apartment when I already had a house?”

Hello Jeanne,

What are you searching for that you already possess? It could be something internal such as happiness or insightfulness, or it could be something more tangible such as a talent or knowledge.

I think the multifamily residence symbolizes your exploration of your identity, which is multifaceted. You also have easy access to the different parts of your psyche (no locks on the interior doors).

However, the explosion likely indicates you’re being pushed, by yourself or circumstances, out of this phase of your life so you can grow. What’s more, green is the color of healing, while fire often symbolizes cleansing, so perhaps your psyche is undergoing a “healing crisis” that is causing you to rethink the foundation of your life.

Another thought: Since green is also the color of money, perhaps the crisis involves your values. And because yellow symbolizes the intellect, the burning yellow flames may be transforming the way you think about yourself and the world.

Probably the most meaningful element of the dream is your remembering you have a home, where your mom (womanhood, nurturing) and some of your belongings (abilities you’ve forgotten) reside. You can’t go back to the way you were (the Utica Square Apartments), but getting in touch with your roots seems to be the next phase of your personal growth.

If you become lucid in one of your upcoming dreams, try asking yourself what the “green fire” dream was trying to tell you. As you probably know, having such direct access to your unconscious is the most effective method of interpreting your dreams.

Sweet dreams,


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2 thoughts on “DreamCast: Find What You’re Searching For

  1. ginger4

    I found this interesting. I never knew what to call my type of dreaming. I guess I am a lucid dreamer as well. I also watch as well as participate (at the same time) in my dreams. Both of my grandmothers had talents (for lack of a better word). My great-great grandmother was a shaman. Sometimes I just know things. I became a psychotherapist to help people in anyway I can.


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