How to Manifest What You Want

Get What You Truly Want

When I was in my early 30s, I used to be baffled by the type who consistently attracted nothing but “bad luck.” But back then, I couldn’t really put the pieces together, because I deemed it “judgmental on my part.” By the time I reached my late 30s, I stopped wondering and figured it out.

Manifestation always came somewhat easy to me, as long as I was in the right frame of mind. All I had to do is really focus and pay attention and I could make things happen the way I wanted them. This included manifesting the house I bought (down to the exact square footage), the job I wanted, the man I married and even, as we speak, the body I want.

The more I read, studied and went to therapy, the more I learned why I was able to manifest what I truly wanted; and why I would sometimes fail miserably! This is when I not only realized the common denominator amongst those whose wishes “never happen,” but also when I really started to grasp the true concept of free will psychics are talking about when they are trying to explain why some people’s readings never pan out.

What makes it possible to predict the future for most, is the mere fact that people are complete creatures of habit and hardly ever stray from their paths. What makes it impossible again, though, is to predict anything for anyone who is volatile, negative or self-destructive, i.e. a doubting Thomas.

Every human being has infinite potential. I truly believe that. We have infinite potential to create a great, mediocre or miserable life most of the time! Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and sometimes great stuff happens to complete douche canoes. There is no rhyme or reason and, personally, I don’t believe that a god dictates who has “good luck” and who draws the ass card. Shit just happens.

Having said that, though, we do have control over the vast majority of our life and the situations we do attract. This includes the things I have mentioned above, like career, physical items, relationships, friendships and most of our health. Sadly, there are also situations that render us completely powerless; this includes making someone love us or being spared the heartache from losing someone to death. And then there is the other, not-so-encouraging fact that consistently miserable, negative and selfish people will have no way of manifesting the things they so desperately hope for. The reason is simple. Healthy people smell desperate, crazy, insecure, negative or mean 100 miles away and will run into the opposite direction, regardless if this is in a work environment or one’s personal life! We attract who we are being to the world; because our energy literally works like a mirror, projecting our true self to others. This is why pretentious folks and fakers are usually found out sooner or later.

Hence, in order to manifest what you want, you have to be able to actually believe it! You have to be able to believe in yourself, and you have to be able to clearly specify what you want. Wishy washy answers like “well, I just want someone who likes me,” for example, will not work. Those who are unable to believe in their own power of creation/manifestation will continuously draw what they are expecting in their unconscious, which is failure, loss, misery, disappointment and rejection. Those who believe in something, regardless of whether it is a higher power or themselves, tend to have an amazing ability to manifest and to really take charge of their own life and destiny. So here are a few examples of manifestation that have consistently worked for me for the past 1o years, and no, they do not require believing in a certain faith or deity!

1. Relationships

If you want to find your perfect match, make a list about it! The list should consist of two columns: Must Haves and Compromises. The rules are simple: fill in the two columns but avoid superficial stuff, like looks, completely. Why? Because in the Must Have you will add “sexually compatible/chemistry.” This one item will overwrite anything you might have limited yourself to by putting a hair color down, for example. Include all the other things you cannot do without: for me these include “sense of humor,” “smart,” “educated,” “honest with himself and others,” etc.

In the column for “Compromises” I put things like “taste in music,” “wants children,” amongst others. The only rule is that you can absolutely not stray from the “Must Haves!” These are your bottom lines, and the traits you cannot do without, so ixnay on cheating yourself!

2. Money/Material Things

I have never limited myself to a dollar amount. Hence, I never wished for 1 million dollars, because who knows, I might actually get 10?! I have instead envisioned myself doing and owning the things I wanted. This included my house, cars, clothes, personal trainers/fitness, places I wanted to visit, and so on. I am currently in the process of starting to manifest my next house, and I am already manifesting the body I envisioned in hypnotherapy.

3. Career

There was a time when I simply wanted to have a certain title and paycheck for the sake of status and to prove something to the invisible voices of defeat in my head. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t make it. In fact, all I ended up with was bad managers and jobs that weren’t challenging. I was overlooked for promotions, and the more it happened, the angrier I got. After spending three months in another country to build a team, without getting an ounce of recognition, I figured that I was the problem. I sat down and refocused what I wanted in life, and why! I wrote down that I wanted a position in management; not for the title, but simply because I wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives. I had seen plenty of bad managers and learned how not to be one. It worked like a charm. Within a year of returning from Europe, I got promoted. Within another year, I got promoted yet again. I had sat down and clearly stated my intent and what I wanted to create. Seven years later, I have consistently gone up and moved forward on my endeavors.

There have been times in my past when I couldn’t create. Each time I felt beaten down. I had given up, and was too tired or even too lazy to make an effort. There were times when I was content with sitting on my butt and complaining, whining or being a perfect victim. These were the times/years I have wasted and when I was the least productive and successful.

Nowadays, there is very little that limits me. I don’t think in terms of “impossible” and “I can’t.” I have always been somewhat able to manifest, but especially in the past two years, I am blown away by how I have recreated my life and turning into the person I really want to be.

Predictions from psychics have happened, hypnotherapy was successful and I believe it is due to the fact that I am open enough to no longer doubt myself. Therefore, when someone “confirms” my vision, I feel even more encouraged to turn it into reality! I know what I can do if I set my mind to it and how powerful my will can be; and hence, I keep creating by stating openly, with my written and spoken word who I am and what I want. It all starts with me and it ends with me. I am the power that makes it happen and yes, I do believe!

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9 thoughts on “How to Manifest What You Want

  1. Deb Hines

    Today I went to have a reading done and I was told that I can manifest anything I want, that I have that ability but I don’t fully utilize it. I was interested in finding out more about how I can do it and found this article. You have given me some very valuable clues as to how I can do this now for myself. I have been on the right path and touched on it already, now I just need to dig deeper and venture deeper to truly make it happen fully. People have always thought that I was lucky because I always seem to get what I want, but for me I think it’s because I know what I want and I’m willing to work for it and make it happen and I think this also plays a huge part in it. I have just always called it the power of positive thinking or as I tell my daughters, if you think it will happen, it will, good OR bad so use it for good!

  2. Frustated

    HOW did you manifest your house? It would be very useful if you wrote about the exact sequence of thought…..would be helpful.

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  4. Hlee

    After reading this I am completely astounded!! I went to college doing what I did not love to do and what I truly wanted and failed horribly. I took time off college to rethink what I really wanted to do and the answer came to me so easily that I can’t believe I let myself be swayed by the negativity that I received from others and their worry of financial support that always put pressure on me because of the profession that I chose may not support me fully. However it was what I wanted to do and love so I shouldn’t be afraid, I should go for what I always wanted without any worry or negative feeling. It may turn out for the better in the future as long as I believe in myself. Thank you for putting up this and helping others with your experience. This has helped me a LOT!!

    Also, much love and thanks to Kroo, Carmen Hexe, and misskrystal. I have never thought about the negative energy that could effect oneself or others by sharing the goal and dreams that the negative energy could project onto our positive. I have never thought about that before until I read your comments. That has happened to me many times and because I chose to overlook it, I am where I am now sadly. However I wont let that stop me from succeeding my dreams. I have learned from that mistake and do not want to repeat it ever again. I have friends that I trust and family members that support me in my dreams and goals that I feel so thankful for their support. Thank you so much for your comments!!

  5. meta4

    I just love your posts. You are so honest, open, straight-forward and full of the best intentions. You want to motivate and inspire, and a great deal of what you say about how YOU used to feel about yourself reminds me of how IIIII used to feel about myself. I just can empathize; we’re both growing.

    Good thoughts to you. Good ‘luck’ with all future ventures. 😉 <3

  6. kroo

    Very, very, very right on article.
    Interesting fact about the people we tell our dreams, wishes, accomplishments with.
    As a mother of 4 children and 3 grandchildren, I have for years told my now grown kids
    to not tell everyone about the good that comes to us, hence they can project bad energy
    onto our positive. Then we must keep our positive energy stronger than ever.
    I am happy to see affirmation to what I have been preaching to my kids. lol
    Thank you and I cant wait to pass this information on. Again and again.
    Yay! This article has made my day.
    peace and love to all

  7. Yas

    Spot on, Carmen! I can sympathize-things that I truly tried to manifest have come true. I still do not understand some others that have not, but I assume that is something I’m yet to discover.

  8. Carmen Hexe

    Hi Miss Krystal!

    Yep, one has to be careful about one’s surroundings, period. The Nay-Sayers and envious ones tend to try to block good energy. 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  9. misskrystal

    This was so nice. Thanks, Carmen. Can’t argue with these facts. A wonderful guide and totally full of affirmations. 🙂
    Also, people have to be careful who they share their goals with because any negativity can throw us off base. Cheers, Miss Krystal


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