DreamCast: Find the Source of Your Anger

Mary from Edwardsville, Illinois writes:

My house is on fire! I’m recently divorced. I had a dream about a fire at my old childhood home, but the fire trucks responded to my old house where my ex-husband resides. I’m resentful he got the house my father built. What is the significance of this dream?

Hello Mary,

Fire often symbolizes either anger or passion. In your case, I suspect the dream reveals some resentment you still have toward your ex-husband. That’s understandable since you just got divorced.

What’s interesting is that the fire originated in your childhood home. This suggests that your anger has been inside of you for awhile. It’s often the case that if we don’t resolve issues from our past, we’ll attract people who trigger the pain, anger, jealously, powerlessness – whatever the problem is – so we can heal it.

I wasn’t sure if your ex living in the house your father built was part of the dream or your waking life. In either case, the house, which symbolizes your life, is tied to two men who have had a major influence in your life. What traits do they share? I suspect those traits are the source of the anger you’re struggling with.

Perhaps the greatest gift a dream can give is to reveal where you need to heal so you can attain a healthier lifestyle, and certainly a healthier relationship. If you resolve and release the emotional issue, you’ll lessen the chances of having to deal with it again in a future relationship.


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