DreamCast: Discover Hidden Talents in Our Dreams

Making sense of our dreams and using them to guide our lives is an important facet of your spiritual growth. You may discover things in your dreams that can change our lives for the better.

Your Dream Career

Patricia in Woodbridge, Virginia writes:

My dream began with someone telling me that I needed to meet with an important person. Then a coworker told me that I really needed to put my best foot forward, so she offered to help me pick out an outfit to wear to this meeting. I agreed to this, and the dream immediately panned to a room that was not familiar to me. The coworker gave me an outfit, and what I noticed most were the hideous shoes—they were white with a wedge heel and two fat bands that crisscross over the top (something I definitely would not wear). Although the shoes were hideous, I went with it. The dream then panned to a hotel room or maybe a room in an apartment, where the coworker said she was to prepare for the same meeting. She picked out an outfit which was different than mine, with no white shoes. Immediately I wondered why the absence of white shoes, and I wanted to change my outfit. What does this all mean? Do you need help making sense of your dreams; let one of our psychics open your mind on these mysterious messages. 

Hello Patricia,

It sounds like you’re exploring your work options. The unfamiliar room is an aspect of yourself, such as a talent or desire, that you’re just now getting in touch with. The coworker may represent outside influences that aren’t in your best interest, while the important person you are trying to impress is likely your higher self. Shoes symbolize the choices you make in walking your path, so the ugly shoes indicate there is something amiss in your choice of profession (or it may be another area of your life that is askew). The color white is associated with spiritual purity, but because the shoes are hideous, perhaps your view of what you should be doing to fulfill your destiny is not your best option.

“Don’t hesitate to put yourself and your needs first.  All else will fall into place.” – Maryanne ext. 9146

You’re an early Cancer, so transiting Pluto has been opposing your Sun for about three years. This means you’ve been undergoing a profound shift in identity. If you haven’t already, you need to reevaluate your goals in view of how you see yourself—emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Think of yourself as a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. Something inside you wants to fly. Discover what that is, and set it free!

Sweet dreams,


“Seek the happiness inside yourself and your dreams will unfold.”  Claire ext. 5242

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One thought on “DreamCast: Discover Hidden Talents in Our Dreams

  1. lynette ghonzalez

    I am in a new relationship with a man who tells me he thinks of me alot, that i have been in his dreams, and he always seems to miss ne alot, strange , so soon, but I too have dreams of him, and I miss him when I a don’t see him and I think of him constantly, I think that was the word he used too, whyare we dreaming of eachother and are we possiblt soul mates?


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