DreamCast: Create Your Life Path From Your Dreams

Dreams are our way of organizing our thoughts and help us process what is happening in our lives. Sometimes figuring the difference of a dream is a tricky thing.

What is Your Purpose in Life?

Fay in Canada writes:

In my dream, a distraught mother brought her baby, who was very ill, into my place of work. I am not a nurse, but a lady who was a nurse took the baby into the other room. I stood outside with the other workers, who were also very upset. I wanted to ask the mother if I could do Reiki (a healing technique) on the baby, but she was too distraught to answer. She went into the room with the nurse, and they closed the door. Standing outside the room, I did Reiki on the baby from a distance – the mom had mentioned a bowel problem to the nurse, so I concentrated the Reiki on that area. In a while, the mom and baby came out, and the baby was much better. Still, I don’t know if the nurse had helped the baby or if it was the Reiki, or both.

Hello Fay,

Dreams can happen on different levels, literally or symbolically, for instance. If the dream was a literal one, then you witnessed (and participated in) a healing that took place in another dimension. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you did healing work while asleep, because you have Sun, Moon and the North Node in Cancer, the sign of nurturing. Your strongest instinct is to care for others. What’s more, a powerful conjunction involving Mars, Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, the sign of service and healing, gives you exceptional healing ability. You would just have to develop it, if you haven’t already (you didn’t say if you’re a Reiki practitioner in waking life).

If the dream is purely symbolic, then the baby, nurse and troubled mother are all parts of your psyche. The baby likely indicates something you’re developing, such as a new talent, attitude or perspective. Does this ring true for you? Perhaps most important is this new element in your life being obstructed by something you need to release? I ask this because the bowel symbolizes elimination.

Fortunately, the dream indicates that you have the ability to resolve whatever is keeping you from moving forward. Actually, the combination of nursing and Reiki in the dream may indicate that you’re able to draw on both traditional and holistic healing as you embark on your new path. Best of luck! Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

Sweet dreams,


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