DreamCast: Connect to Your Inner Emotions

Dreams are our way of sorting our thoughts and understanding our inner self. They can speak volumes into what we may really feel and what we may be trying to find. Cortney helps us understand what this may mean.

What are You Holding On to Emotionally?

Carol in Joelton, Tennessee writes:

I had a dream four weeks ago that still upsets me. In my dream, I wake from a sound sleep to find that my ex-boyfriend has entered the house and is lying in bed alongside me. The instant I see his face, I know that I’m in deep trouble; his expression is very dark and sinister. I am terrified, but keep my cool. I think that maybe his mood and intent can be changed, so I start to talk to him about happy, everyday things, but he responds with one word answers or doesn’t respond at all. When it becomes obvious that he cannot be diverted from what he came to do, I accept my fate and ask him, “You’re going to kill me aren’t you?” To this he responds, “Yes,” and then swings himself up to where he is sitting straddled across my stomach and puts his hands around my neck and starts to strangle me. At this point, I wake up from the dream actually fighting and trying to push someone off of me. Can you please tell me what you think this dream means? It was a very real, disturbing dream. Do you want to find out what your dreams are telling you, contact us today and let us help you learn!

Hello Carol,

I think you’re experiencing some emotional fallout from your past relationship. Being strangled likely means you’re suppressing an emotion, such as anger or resentment, that’s connected to your ex-boyfriend. Or maybe it’s the potential to love again that you’re suppressing for fear of being vulnerable. 

On another level, the man may be a part of you. Are you angry at yourself for getting into that relationship in the first place? One thing is certain: Focusing solely on everyday things isn’t going to make the issue go away. Strange as this may seem, the dream character in the form of your ex was actually trying to help you. He was illuminating what is going on in your inner life.

So what was his message exactly? Here’s an effective way to decipher the message: Visualize your ex sitting across from you, and then ask him what his purpose was in your dream. Then see what feelings, words and/or scenes arise in your consciousness. These clues will reveal the answer.

Sweet dreams,


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  1. Izabela

    Yo, a splendid artcile man. Good share. However I’m having trouble with your rss . Fail to subscribe to it. So anyone else having same RSS feed trouble? Will be delighted if somebody could assist. Kindly reply.

  2. Chrissi

    Though the last one was puzzling- he was here- sitting in the living room at the place I am now living- but although we did talk he had to listen out for the engine of a particular car- which would be picking him up to go somewhere- which wasn’t clear to me, when he heard it he would have to go I never got to finish whatever I was about to say to him as it arrived- he is deceased though if that has any bearing on this

  3. Marc from the UK

    Just goes to show that the meaning in these dreams requires decoding rather than seen as true or logical.


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