DreamCast: Break Free from Fear

Susan from Chatsworth, California writes:

I have had recurring dreams about a place from my childhood and a family I considered special (better than me). I used to dream that something bad and scary lived in a house behind their house, up on a hill. In other dreams, I went inside that scary house and found nothing visible, but I sensed something in the shadows threatening me.

Recently, I had a strange and wonderful dream about this same place. A celebration was taking place—the scary person who lived in the house, and who has never come out, was finally coming out. This person was my friend from the old days who shared my love of dance. She emerged and left the scary house for good. It was a definable life event marked by joy.

In waking life, this friend and I were both molested during childhood. I used to hide from my stepfather in the bathroom. I think the dream was saying that the part of me that was hiding is now coming out.

Hello Susan,

This dream marks a turning point in your life—congratulations for breaking free of the fear that held you captive! Your friend symbolizes the wounded part of you that was in hiding because of the abuse (issues that are hidden in the unconscious often feel scary until brought out into the light of day and examined). The home in which your friend lived was a refuge, but it became a prison from which she (you) wouldn’t leave—until now. The family you admired probably represents the love and safety you craved as a little girl.

I find it fascinating that you’ve had recurring dreams about this scary house. It took great courage in the dreams to seek out and investigate the threat inside. You were undoubtedly investigating your inner world to gain insights about the past. Releasing your fear and celebrating your emotional freedom will empower you to move forward.

Sweet dreams,


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2 thoughts on “DreamCast: Break Free from Fear

  1. Rose Cocca

    i know what life is all about …..i had my share of heard time for at least 3 years with my partner…he suffer so much that i know he is in better place ..so i live with that…i always loved him and i miss him so..but i know i always have memories of the good times we had..but now i have to go on…i did my to take care of him to the very end..like they say till dealh so us part…we all suffer sometimes but in a differnent way..suffering is always there..but we have to beat it..my partner suffer but never never nerver complain and i mean suffer with a lot of pain….he was so good at the end …he accept it with tears in his eyes,..but he was strong..and he told me to be strong also..and i am ….

  2. Rose Cocca

    i feel so sorry for that he/she that got molested..may GOD comforted them..may the person who did it burn in hell…and he will ..no doubt about that…but i dont know to much about it it never happen to me..but it has to stay on your mind…i know it hard to let go…but it has to ..somewhere in your lifetime it has to go..that is why GOD gave you love in stead..to feel love from now on…now it is time for he/she to find happiness..with someone you love..that is the only way you will enjoy life….GOD put it there for her/him to find a rainbow….but sometime they dint want to….it hurts to much…i got hurt to in my lifetime but i cant go bavk and make it right…it happen ..but i make GOD take of it..because i put it in his hands…..that is the only way i get to live..my life…GOD gave me a person to take the place of peple i loved and i know thar he is the one..but somethings stands in his way..he/or cant except it..it is so new to them..that is because they wont give into it…because they were never loved like this before..because they lived in hell for so long…sometimes it is more than that…but will ever end…please tell the people put it in GOD hands and i sure he will that care of it..FAITH is the only answer we all got to work with…


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