The Male Mind: Is He Really Listening to You?

Psychic Michael ext. 9604 explains it so well in the video below: Men don’t like to share their emotions. Women: We share, if not over share, our emotions with everyone! That’s not a bad thing, but I often hear women get upset when they cannot figure out what their man is thinking or feeling.

We, women, genuinely need that information to better understand what makes out mates tick (or not tick, as the case may be). Michael provides a few tips for men on how to better connect with and understand their partners.


Listen to What She is Asking

This could mean turning off or muting the TV, setting down the iPad or cell phone, turn your body towards her and look her in the eyes. Sometimes we just need to be heard. I know men love to help fix things, but sometimes just hearing us is all we need. So just sit and listen, please. We’ll let you know if it needs to be fixed.

Share Your Emotions and Your Thoughts

The next time you go out to eat, tell her about your day (don’t forget to ask her about her day). If you’re eating something that tastes really great (or really bad), share that. Share your thoughts about going out with friends. You don’t have to share your thoughts on everything or all the time. By sharing a bit of yourself, the connection is deepened between you and your partner. She doesn’t have to guess what you’re thinking, and you won’t get so burnt out with her constantly asking, “What are you thinking?”

Be Spontaneous, Occasionally

We all like our routines, but I think we all get a little too set in our ways. Occasionally, break out of your normal routine and do something different. Men, plan a night out with your woman (don’t wait for her to plan something). It doesn’t need to be extravagant, but different than what you normally do.

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8 thoughts on “The Male Mind: Is He Really Listening to You?

  1. Hitham

    Thanks for a fantastic web-site, I lenart more in watching your tutorials than I have in years of online searching. Fantastic images! obviously a very talented photographer. Thanks for sharing your talents and for your help.

  2. Gina

    Bismark, I signed up just to leave you a comment. “OWN” a gal!? you DONT “OWN” anyone. that was a pretty controling comment you just made. that must be why you don’t have the pleasure of dating or being in a relationship with a gal.

  3. Roma Sue

    Michael Howdee,What you are say about men is so true..I raisin 4 Boy’s..They are the same way today as they where when they were young..I try to teach them to lesson to what was said from a Female point and veiw’s..As well as what they felt..Some of them is have a hard time lessoning to there mate some time,But I think they close them out..Just to get there way..LOL They are very stuborn and Hard worker..But they lesson to me,Why you say because I’m the Mom..They Joke with they girlfreind’s or wife’s..Tell them why can’t you be like my Mom..I tell them,because I was raisin different and I lesson to them as well as they lesson to me..Thank you keep up the good work..Your’s true Sue a Mom..

  4. maryannex9146Maryanne


    Thanks for a great video and for reminding us about how guys like routine. When we females really love one of you those rigid routines can bring a smile to our face because we do appreciate not only that the routine is important to you but brings security to us as your partners as well.



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