DreamCast: Her Sister’s Cookies

Kassia from Shelburne, Vermont writes:

In my dream, I knock over my sister’s cookies and then have to bake all night to make up for it. In the morning, my mom wants me to bake even more. I tell her that I’ve already baked all night, but she pushes me to bake more. Overall, I love the baking, but my mom annoys me. By the way, I have had meningitis, and just got out of hospital. I am 39 and not living at home anymore. Thank you for any input.

Hello Kassia,

It seems you are feeling the weight of family obligations and/or expectations – or perhaps you’re expecting too much from yourself right now. After all, you just got out of the hospital, and need to focus on taking care of yourself. Saying no to people who want your time and energy is a necessity now. You’d love to comply (bake the cookies), but setting limits will help you get back your health. Perhaps most important, you need to say no to your inner Mom, the part of you that strives to take care of others.

Also, the dream seems to indicate that you need to let yourself off the hook for something you did to your sister perhaps? You’ve done enough already to make up for it! It’s time to nurture yourself by surrounding yourself with a support network of people who can assist you. And don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Sweet dreams,

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