5 Great Religious Mysteries

Religious mysteries have inspired hope, faith and awe for millions of people throughout history. Whether you’re a person of faith, science, or both, these five mysteries may just leave you awestruck.

• The Three Secrets of the Lady of Fatima. On May 13, 1917, in Fatima, Portugal, three children met the Virgin Mary, who imparted to them three secrets regarding the future of the world. The third was kept secret until June of 2000 ­– it contained a vision of the future of the Catholic Church and of mankind. Some, however, maintain that this “secret” was a cover-up, and the real secret has never been released.

• Possessions. Since the beginning of mankind, possessions have been believed to take place when evil spirits take hold of a human subject, causing the person to hear voices, receive messages, and engage in various acts of anti-social behavior. People of faith hold that these events are real, whereas modern science believes that these are states caused by severe stress, depression, and other forms of mental illness.

• The Shroud of Turin. This is the loin cloth worn by Jesus at his Crucifixion. A ghostly image of Jesus is clearly imprinted upon the cloth. One side believes that the image was an energetic cosmic imprint created at the moment of his death, while others believe (based of carbon dating) that it was made by the great Leonardo Da Vinci.

• The Bible Code. Also known as the Torah Code, the Bible Code is thought to be one of the greatest religious mysteries of our time. Discovered in 1994 by three scientists, the code consists of all of the Hebrew letters contained within the Torah (Old Testament), with no spacing. Through present day technology, scientists have engineered a system that reveals the prophecies of all historical people, inventions, major wars and world events as well as names, dates and locations of every event contained within it.

• The Ark of the Covenant. The Ark was a sacred box built by the Israelites to contain the actual tablets of the Ten Commandments. It was carried into battles because of its holy powers, and was believed to be a transmitter to God. The Ark was eventually lost, although scientists and other researchers believe that it was ultimately hidden, and still exists today.

Will some of these secrets be revealed during our lifetime? And might psychics be able tap into the truth?

15 thoughts on “5 Great Religious Mysteries

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  4. nigel

    He was, most certainly, a Psychic and more, yet, many Christain Groups believe Psychics are evil. This does not make sense when you consider that Jesus said all He can do you can do and more. Nigel ext 5311

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  6. padda

    Well no one could ever love me as much as my best friend he looks after me when I feel down. He makes me feel good when I talk to him’ I know he won’t let me down. You know he even helps me at work when I have a problem he is so approachable you wouldn’t believe it. I only wish I could be like him. I know he gave a talent and not everyone has this talent it’s forgiveness my best friends name is Jesus ( my lord and my god )

  7. Teresa Pearce

    When I was at school I horrified my teacher by saying that the bible could be a book of fiction written by someone of that age in time I was about 12 at the time. Later I also thought he was from outer space as I had discovered (not personnally) the drawings in caves etc which I tought were from someone from outer space. However at the age now of 59 I am a spiritualist medium and I feel that the Lords prayer is like his telephone number as he states that this is how to contact him via this prayer. All we have to do is put our life in his hands a simple request and one that takes a great leap of faith. I have had many poems, prayers and readings from the realms of spirit. Ask and you shall receive – how many go to sleep with a worry and wake up with an answer or someone placed on their pathway to assist. When I was at Sunday school at a very young age I looked up at the picture of our Lord and saw that he was carrying me I did not even think to question this I didn’t even think to tell anyone. I know now that he has been with me forever and that spirit have been working close with me since birth. I feel that our Lord is the highest form of spirit. Teresa

  8. Maria

    I have just read the 5 Great Religious Mysteries and i belive that jesus has more power , remember he comes from the most high .. and I thank Him for giving me a Vision of him .. Its the most “BEAUTIFULL image of him , This happen at my church as I was praying for other… and he has giving me more . I just dont know how to use it at times.. so I pray about it.. Thankk you Califorinia Psychics .. for letting me express this ..

  9. Chastiti

    I believe, through out time most people generally have to see in order to believe. I was just speaking to my friend yesterday about this thing called”life” and Jesus. She finally read the book of revelation and is aware of what is going on around us. All we have to do is pray, love one another even our enemy, and keep our faith. It all seems so simple although nothing in this lifetime seems to be, its what we choose to make it. I am fasicanated with our Religious Mysteries and I believe that Jesus was a Prophet and a Physic. He is everything wrapped up in one! May God Bless you and Keep all of you.

  10. Nicola

    Me too!! I’d love to know what the Psychics think of these mysteries….to believe it or believe it not!! 🙂

  11. Ward Mills

    Yes I agree with The Truth. It would be nice to view the comments of the Psychics on this subject,as I do not think any one Man has the complete answer Himself, The more it is discussed and Opinion’s are considered the better understanding maybe all of Us will have.


    Jesus was not a physic he was GOD in the flesh,[ THE HOLY TRINITY } father ,son , and holy spirit. GOD being omniscience, omnipotent,omnipresent, KNOWS everything and anything , remember he created this world, he knows today tomorrow, and the future. GOD created us from the dust, so how can we as creatures put ourselves in the same level as THE SON OF GOD. UNDERSTAND ONE THING TO BE an astrologer or magician is against the word of GOD, READ THE BOOK OF DANIEL, ONLY GOD CAN GIVE YOU DREAMS AND VISIONS THAT ARE TRUE AND THEY COME TO PASS,BUT EVERYONE ELSE CANNOT DO THAT,NO PHYSIC CAN TELL ME WHEN THE WORLD IS GOING TO END, OR COULD OF FORETOLD ABOUT THE TWIN TOWERS, BUT GODS WORD WILL STAND FOREVER AND SHALL REVEAL EVERYTHING.JESUS WASN’T A PHYSIC HE IS THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD AND IS GOD IN THE FLESH.

  13. Mel

    I agree with both psychics. Ive studied spiritual healing since a young age and have always been deeply spiritual. I had an experience when I was 16 at a church (Im not religious, I was there with friends). I saw this amazing, blindingly bright white light that came to me to help me. I was suffering a bad depression and had had suicidal thoughts. Im now 46 have studied spirit and healing for many years and can only conclude that it was Jesus or Jeshua as I know him. I also had the light come to me when I was in my early 30’s living in a share house that had bad energy. I saw a bright sparkling ball of white light and felt it was Mother Mary coming to help me. My Mum had the same experience when she was younger. Both times the light spoke to me and was gentle and strong and I knew I was safe. I feel very lucky to have had these experiences.

  14. The Truth

    Will one or more of the California Psychics comment on these mysteries??? I would love to hear their take on what was true or not true about each of them.


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