DreamCast: Big Money

Sam from Coquitlam, Canada writes:

I dream that the doorbell rings around breakfast time and a courier comes with a check for me for $1.2 million. He says I won it, and it would have been higher but because of certain shortfalls and expenses it got reduced from $2.4million to this amount. In the dream it wasn’t clear if this was a lottery. I tell my friend who is at the dining table, that this means I can open six meditation centers! I am thrilled because the money means that I can open the meditation centers. So, what’s the significance?

Hello Sam,

You may have an array of flaws and challenges (like the rest of us), but whatever they are, you certainly have enough talent, ambition, and luck left over to be successful.

You indicated you’re an Aries, so I mention ambition because Aries typically has plenty of drive. It’s time to use it! The dream may be implying that you’re waiting for fate to come knocking on your door before you move forward. This may specifically pertain to your spiritual path, as indicated by the meditation centers (unless you’re intending to open the centers as a way to make money).

Also, the dream is likely encouraging you to combine your worldly ambitions with your spirituality, such as using meditation to clarify your direction, and/or doing work that helps others through healing, education or spiritual activities. In any case, it’s time to engage your passion, drive and vision and pursue your aspirations.

Sweet dreams,

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