Psychic Workout: Success

Maureen from Montreal asks:

I tried the Psychic Workout: Telekinesis, I was surprised the powder crossed the line… what does that mean?

Psychic Marin ext. 5113 answers:

Yes … this makes sense. In a single answer … you did it! You have telekinetic abilities!

Has anyone tried one of Psychic Marin’s workouts? Do you have a psychic ability question for Marin?

2 thoughts on “Psychic Workout: Success

  1. Danny

    I’m not taniklg I’m not taniklg about telekinesis , I’m taniklg about Chi/Ki. We’re taniklg about different things here.Do you know anything about Chi/Ki, or eastern philosophy? Have you ever tried meditation or MA for example?I’m not saying that if you meditate, you’ll feel or get to know chi. But it helps, and a good teacher helps too.And about your comment on telekinesis, chi is the kind of force that can affect other beings, strengthen yourself. But not un-living tings, like move a brick or something


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