DreamCast: Looking for a New Home

I dreamt last night of looking for a new home. I found one, but only dreamt of the ground floor, which was ‘U’ shaped – one big room from the front door on the right at the back, spreading around to the back door. It was comfortably furnished and someone else was still living there. I kept looking around the place, going through drawers, and each time I did so I got covered in white dust (like talc). I think I was looking for a better place than I have now, which is a studio flat without a bedroom. Does this suggest that I could move on to a better life, away from unemployment and the town? My partner was strongly featured, but then she has been away for the week. I am an Aquarian.


From Robert in London

Hello Robert,

You are indeed searching for – and probably ready for – a fresh start. Dreaming of a house could indicate a literal search for a new abode, and/or some soul-searching about your inner life. The ground floor symbolizes your everyday life. The other person living there could be a real tenant in a house you visited on the astral plane, or it could be a part of yourself that you’re unfamiliar with as yet, the part that’s ready for more commitment (to your partner?), perhaps. As for the dust that kept appearing, what does talcum power bring to mind? If it’s connected with your childhood, then the past must be sweep clean (resolved) for you to move forward. Best of luck!

Sweet dreams,

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