DreamCast: Alone On a Boat

I had a dream last night about being on a large white boat by myself, and suddenly found myself in the water. When I entered into the water there was a large tiger shark that I landed on, literally with both feet. It took off like a shot and I found myself back on the boat, again by myself. I felt lost and quite alone, drifting. I think Freud would love this one!

Shelly in Palm Bay, Florida

Hello Shelly,

Your mention of Freud suggests the dream is about sex, and I think you’re right! Water represents your emotional state, and the fact you felt alone and adrift indicates you’re isolated emotionally. It may be fear of getting hurt from a sexual relationship that keeps you alone. You felt threatened when you jumped into the water (relationship), fearing the shark (sexuality) will get out of control and ultimately leave you back in the boat (your life) alone. Are you afraid of being abandoned? The dream presents an excellent opportunity to work through your fear of intimacy – and perhaps fear of being powerless within a relationship – so you can enjoy a sexual connection with someone you care for.

Sweet dreams,


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