DreamCast: Pregnancy and Two Turtles


Terri in Maryland writes:

I dream that I’m pregnant and wearing a white sundress. I calmly say goodbye to my soon to-be-ex-husband, leaving him in his chaos. Now, I am walking down a street with red-brick apartment buildings on both sides. I pick up a box turtle that seems to be a pet, and he responds lovingly to me. I tell him that I have found a friend for him. I take him to the attic of the house I grew up in, where I find another turtle, who is eating. This turtle has a bright-blue belly with a star shape on it. I put the turtles together and feel very calm and happy for them.

Hello Terri,

You’re on a bright, new path, as indicated by the pregnancy and white sundress. Leaving your husband has obviously been a positive move in your life. You indicated you’re a Cancer, the sign of motherhood, so it’s interesting that you dreamed of being pregnant, along with nurturing some turtles, which are a part of you. By taking care of them, you’re nurturing your own personal growth. Unless turtles mean something significant to you, they’re probably encouraging you to take things slowly, especially in your love life. The attic in your childhood home represents your higher consciousness, especially concerning your family history and how it has influenced you. The blue turtle with the star also symbolizes your newfound spiritual awareness. You’re definitely on the right track!

Sweet dreams,


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