A Message of Love from Beyond

I was taking a leisurely bath one night while getting ready to entertain friends. In a buoyant mood, I suddenly found myself humming the song “Scarborough Fair” by Simon and Garfunkel. The song became more and more insistent, and I began to experience a deep grief. I soon realized that I was receiving a communication from someone who had recently died and who wanted me to give their love to the person they had left behind. I could feel that the person was a man.

I tried to think of who this could possibly be that was trying to contact me. He seemed to have been an elderly man. I mentally sifted through my memory thinking of everyone I could possibly know who might be related to this person. Nothing felt right. At the time, I was editing a small magazine and had received two submissions from an elderly gentleman in the UK. In one of his articles, he made brief mention of his wife. Eventually I remembered this man, and the association clicked.

The bath ended and I got dressed to meet my friends. I was still feeling very emotional and felt great pressure from the other side to deliver the message. Finally, I silently promised to write to this man’s wife within three days. At that moment, the necklace I was wearing broke and fell to the floor.

Within the three promised days, I tentatively wrote a letter to the UK, addressing it to this man’s wife. I described what had happened to me and apologized in case I had accidentally contacted the wrong person. Within a couple of weeks, I received a reply to my letter. The woman told me that her husband had recently had a stroke — he was in a coma in a special care facility and was not expected to recover or regain consciousness. Her favorite song in the 1970s had been “Scarborough Fair,” and he would always tease her about it. She was convinced that he had chosen me to send the message through because I had no way of knowing what had happened and knew nothing of their history together. In this way, she was assured that the message was genuine. She thanked me for writing, and I was glad that I had had the courage to do so.

6 thoughts on “A Message of Love from Beyond

  1. Kimmie

    It’s comforting to know that others receive messages in this way. The same thing happened when an uncle passed away. He had messages for his wife and his two children. I tried to deny the messages – told myself I was being silly and crazy. But he was insistent that I write to them and let them know what he was seeing and he wanted to protect them from what lay ahead, and also give them comfort. After two long months of being “hounded” by uncle, I finally wrote the lettter and sent it to his wife. He went away after I’d done it, and the things he told them of and to be strong through, actually came to pass. But I lost contact with the family because they saw me as the weird one in the family and it was somehow sacrilege to write that letter on my uncle’s behalf. But I don’t regret it. I KNOW I did the right thing. I only hope they took the message of comfort to heart.

    Your story is awesome. Isn’t it amazing to discover you’ve been given the gift of a messenger? Bravo to you for writing to that man’s wife!

  2. crystal

    hi i crystal i am 37 years i been thew alot of stuff. i dont see how i made thew but i did.Ilosi my mom2005 of oldtimers and then i lost my fince of6years in2006 i miss him alot and it still get to me.and then i lost my dad2007that i didnt know allof my life he had kiney fellow.and i was abuse when i was little..i just what know some stuff if you can help me.

  3. k

    Strange I saw this, I just lost my exhusband last week that I have been taking care of for the last 3 yrs. He had throat cancer and for the last month could not communicate at all…The feeling of loss is tearing me up.

  4. bergjudy@aol.com

    Dear Bridget: Thank you for passing on the communication you rec’d from this woman’s husband. When my husband decided it was time for him to go on after spending 4 months in the hospital he never said another word to me. Two days later he died. It has now been almost three years since he went on and I am still grieving because we did not say goodbye to one another. I felt so left out by his silence. I probably feel this way becaue we were so close and truly in love with one another. I’m sure this woman you wrote will be greatful for your letter.


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