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Janet in California writes:

I read that feathers are a sign that Angels/Spirit Guides are around. I see them every day … Is there something more I should be paying attention to? What is this telling me? Or is this simply to let me know that I am not alone?

Dear Janet,

Generally, Angel feathers mean this: “all will be well. You are loved and protected.” They usually show up to reassure you about some longer-term worry or sorrow. But sometimes the message is in the moment, so the second you spot one, try to immediately recall what you were just thinking about. Then ask the Angels if the feather was an answer to those thoughts. A “yes” is usually something like a rush of goose bumps or a sense of deep peace. If you don’t get an immediate “yes,” ask the Angels to find a way to show you what the message relates to.

Your Spirit Guides asked me to explain that usually what are known as “angel feathers” are smallish and white. Other kinds of feathers contain more specific information from spirit guides and power animals, and your Native American guide has given you some examples: A glossy black feather from a raven or crow means “send a messenger to the unseen worlds for help or answers.” A soft, silent owl feather tells you “to dream or meditate because messages await you.” A blush-tipped robin feather obviously means “fresh new beginnings,” or it encourages you to “get a fresh view on an old situation.” A hawk feather means “go for it!” A vulture feather, with its silver underside, says “let it go.”

If you become familiar with the sacred meanings of birds and animals — and there are many excellent books on the subject, you open up a vast world of communication possibilities with your Native American Spirit Guide.

Good luck!

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