DreamCast: Traveling by Foot in Cambodia

I have recurring dreams going on now for years. In this particular one, I’m flying to different places and countries. This time I’m in Cambodia and when I land there, a man is waiting to take me to wherever I need to be on foot. We travel over vast lands overflowing with good things and food. The cows are so fat I can see them, even now. After a long time we get to our destination. Here we are greeted by hungry mothers and malnourished children. There are only two nursing sisters dealing with this impossible situation. I then ask the old man why these people are so hungry and dying of diseases, while we just passed those farms with everything. He then says that’s why he brought me there – all those rich farms we passed, belong to me. He wants me to help those people. I got such a shock and a fright all at the same time that I cried uncontrollably. I woke up in a cold sweat, still sobbing. Can you please tell me what’s the meaning of this?

Nosipho in South Africa

Hello Nosipho,

You’ve just been given a message from your Higher Self, or soul. This is a rare kind of dream that Carl Jung called a “big dream,” one that has the power to transform your life, and one you’ll remember forever. The “tour guide” in the dream may be a spirit guide in another dimension, or perhaps he simply embodies your calling to help those less fortunate. His telling you that the farms belong to you signifies your gifts in this life, which you’ve been called upon to share with others. So what is the gift you have to share? Do some soul-searching about how you’d like to help those in need, listen to what your inner voice tells you, and go for it!

Sweet Dreams!

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