DreamCast: Finding Money

I constantly dream that I am finding money. I will find small pockets of extra money in purses, suitcases or my own pockets. Money often appears out of nowhere. I also have frequent dreams of winning large amounts of money on slot machines in casinos. One of my most vivid recent money dreams is that I won $30 million dollars in the lottery. I was so happy in that dream that I cried. Imagine how I felt when I woke up. My daughter and I once both had money dreams on the same night. She said we were at the casino, and she had won a large amount of money, yet couldn’t press her “cash-out” button and needed me to do so (which of course, I did!). Intuitively I know that Source provides, but are they giving me a hint of better things to come?

Sally in St. Paul, Minnesota

Hello Sally,

Your “found” money dreams may indeed be reassuring you that Source provides, that you’ll always have money when you need it, no matter what circumstances you find yourself in. Your positive attitude about abundance will certainly help you attract money.

Another way to look at the gambling scenarios is that you may be taking unnecessary risks with your finances. Do you have a sensible approach to money, or are you spending carelessly? Gambling may also signify that you’re handing over your earning power to fate. In other words, you feel prosperous when fate hands you a windfall, but you may not be as confident in creating your own prosperity by earning money. Likewise, your daughter’s dream may indicate her feeling of powerlessness about money, because you had to press the cash-out button for her. Actually, both interpretations – faith in an abundant universe and powerlessness over your income – could apply to your dreams. Meditate on your ability to earn a living from your work and hobbies to see if any negative (or positive!) feelings come up for you.

Sweet (and prosperous!) dreams,



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