Enlightening Answers: She Has True Love and Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop

We are one of those that have an effortless relationship. I’m thirty-six and disabled. Mike is forty-six and cares for me and all my needs. We have great communication and are very open and honest with each other. We sometimes don’t agree but we always compromise and don’t argue. We don’t try to own each other or choose each other’s friends. We express our love to each other in many ways. We accept one another for who we are and do not judge each other. We have total trust and commitment. We cherish the time we spend together. He treats me like a queen and in return I treat him like my king. We make time for each other. He’s my best friend. What a good man he is. Good luck to those looking for true love. It’s out there – it will find you when the time is right in both of your lives!

Living the Dream


Dear Living,

I just had to print your beautiful comments, even though you’ve posed no question.

Thank you for reminding all of us that anything is possible – even the perfect relationship! It’s so good because of so many things you highlight: You don’t argue (rule #1), you compromise, you communicate, you accept each other, you make time for each other, you appreciate and support each other, and you’re more than lovers – you’re friends. You could write a book, my dear! Congratulations – keep up the great work and keep nurturing this treasure you’ve both found.


I’ve met a man who treats me better than any other ever has. We seem to be in sync with everything mentally and sexually, but I can’t help waiting for the other shoe to drop. I really want to let my fears go and just go with it but I can’t help but expect the worst. I fear I’m going to push him away. Please help me.

Maybe It’s All A Dream


Dear Maybe,

The scariest thing that can happen to a person is to find a soulmate – no wonder you’re freaking out! Sounds like you’ve had some disappointments that have set your expectations to below a happy baseline. Here’s what I suggest. In order to not “push him away” out of fear, you’ve got to let the past go. So, you need to “rewire” your “stinking thinking” a bit. I’d recommend a couple of things – do a ritual to release the past. A good one is to write down all the disappointments and pain you’ve gone through and then burn the pages, literally turning those bad experiences into nothing but ash and smoke. Next, to strengthen your acceptance of your new, wonderful situation, try doing at least ten minutes a day of positive affirmations, saying to yourself things like, “I deserve a happy, healthy relationship. Perfect love is now mine.” The more you can get comfortable with your man’s treatment of you internally, the more you’ll be able to continue to accept his love externally. So, make this emotional, mental shift and get excited to be happy from now on!

Good luck!

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