DreamCast: Speaking to a Friend In a Dream

A former friend’s husband was meeting my husband and I at a pier somewhere (maybe Santa Monica, California, maybe Venice, Italy) for lunch or drinks in the afternoon. The water was really murky – black even – and choppy – but not out of control. We were dressed in coats and hats like we were headed to London. We walked out on this pier that had iron cafe tables and chairs and lots of people sitting on them from couples to kids (from all over the world) … we sat at a table near the end. We were facing inland, our friend was facing the water.


He wanted us to help him understand what was going on with his wife. He said while he was on tour (he’s in a band) all she did was “talk, talk talk” – at the same time he made these talking gestures with both hands really fast like he was really angry (like a puppet) – and he looked us both straight in the eye – going back and forth between our gazes.


We sat at the table and talked for a really long time. It went from afternoon to evening then we went inside to have a last drink in a hotel-ish bar. We told him we loved him and we were really sorry and we hoped he understood why we couldn’t come to him. He was so awesome and so “there” – and sad in what we were saying, but strong. Then we had to leave because we were catching a bus and we were late. We left him in the lobby.


I woke up feeling like I had spoken to him and that he may have had a similar dream…


Mallory in Hollywood

Hello Mallory,

I think you were indeed speaking to your friend in the dream-world, otherwise known as the astral plane. He apparently came to you for help about the communication problems he’s having with his wife. The black, murky water symbolizes the negative state of their marriage. However, because he was facing the water, this indicates he’s willing to face the problems between them. It’s interesting that he portrayed his wife as a compulsive talker. Perhaps he’s frustrated over not being heard by her (she’s doing all the talking!), or that what she says isn’t meaningful to him. The puppet-like gestures offer another clue – I think she may be influenced by people or situations – the puppet masters – outside of herself, to the detriment of her marriage.

It would be interesting to find out if your former friend and her husband are having problems. Apparently there’s still a connection between them and you, at least on a psychic level. In any case, you offered your love and support, which I’m sure he feels in his heart, whether or not he remembers the dreamtime meeting.

Sweet dreams,

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