DreamCast: Moving After Her Son’s Tragic Death

The other night I dreamt that I was moving out of my house and handing it over to a young couple. I collected three large boxes of eggs, and I put them all in a cupboard. There were many eggs. I have been considering selling up and moving in the near future, but I have concerns as to whether it will sell and whether I will end up out of pocket. Any money I get is my retirement fund. I am also concerned about starting afresh, as I don’t want to be lonely. I am still grieving over my son who died tragically two years ago.

June in England

Hello June,

It sounds like you’re ready to move on – quite literally – after the loss of your son – and my condolences for your loss. The young couple symbolizes your fresh start. They may also represent your ability to manifest what you need financially (like a buyer for your house!). I think the eggs are your nest eggs in the form of talents you have that are waiting to “hatch,” or be developed. You seem to have plenty of inner resources from which to draw on. I believe you’ll be able to acquire the money you need for the future, one way or another. Best of luck!

Sweet dreams,

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