Baby Mama Dream Drama

A dream that shows you as pregnant or interacting with a baby doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re about to become a parent. Although such a dream could be a premonition, it usually symbolizes something new entering your life. It can also symbolize how you nurture yourself and others.

It’s all about love
Latrice from Minneapolis says: My boyfriend is lying in a casket, while other family members and I are in attendance. I’m pregnant in the dream and I remember feeling really sad. I look around at everyone there, thinking to myself, I don’t know any of these people. What does this mean? Is it good or bad? I think about this dream every day trying to figure it out.

Latrice’s pregnancy symbolizes the growth of her relationship with her boyfriend. However, his death likely signals a dramatic shift about to take place. It may point to a break-up, or it could mean that his old life needs to “die” before they can take their love to the next level. However, the sadness indicates that Latrice has little hope of the relationship continuing to grow – she’s “pregnant” with love, but the relationship may never come to fruition. On another level, it could be that Latrice herself has stopped growing in the relationship and needs to move on. The dream may also be a warning that if she does become pregnant by this man, she’ll likely raise the child on her own.

As for the strangers, they reveal some abilities within Latrice that she’s just now becoming aware of. I suspect she’s stronger and more resourceful than she realizes.

A storm gathers
Karie from Valley Park, Missouri says: I have had the exact dream repeatedly this past week; nothing changes in it. In the dreams, I’m pregnant and telling my boyfriend that I’m pregnant. He’s mad, but I stand there holding onto my very large stomach, almost in a protective manner. I tell him he should be happy about this. Then I wake up.

First off, Karie shouldn’t even consider getting pregnant until she cements a commitment with her boyfriend, because it will undoubtedly backfire. Most likely, though, the dream points to a conflict between Karie and her guy over their relationship goals. She’s happy about their growing bond, while he has reservations about it – and may even feel coerced into it. What’s more, Karie’s protectiveness suggests that there’s a threat to their relationship. The threat could be something between them, or it could be from an outside person or situation. Mainly, if Kari wants the relationship to continue, she needs to have a discussion with her boyfriend about their future together, and see if their goals align.

Birth of a new path
Takota from Omaha, Texas says: I go into labor at school and have to be taken to the hospital (I’m not pregnant in waking life). What could this dream mean?

Because the dream takes place at a school, it means that Takota is on a path of learning that will result in the birth of new abilities and opportunities – and quite soon (she’s in labor!). She indicated that she’s a nineteen-year-old Sagittarius, so exploring her interests in college is an excellent focus for her now, especially since Sag rules higher education. It’s also the sign of the explorer and visionary, so if Takota can envision the bigger picture of what she wants her life to be, and have the courage to pursue her dreams, she’ll give birth to her new path with clarity and purpose.

9 thoughts on “Baby Mama Dream Drama

  1. Laura Lynne Watson

    This is really gonna sounds super strange but I just had a dream that I was worling at my Wawa & I saw some women breastfeeding her kid, probably about 2 y/o. Then my father picked me up from work & my younger bro was in shotgun(I was in the back, I know this means I think/or let others steer me) & this new song by the band “Grouplove” came on & it was called “Babymama” or something along those lines. It was a hilarious yet catchy song & I remember it was a new hit so I didnt know most of the words but at one point I started crying out like I was a baby & my dad was like wtf & my bro thought it was hilarious. I told them it was improv since I didn’t know the song well… what cpuld this possibly mean? The song was 100% in tune, so was my singing & it was an actual banger!

  2. mizzvannie

    my boyfriend had dreamt of me that i was giving birth at a hospital. but then there was another guy who happens to be my cyber boyfriend before i have my present boyfriend. he said that i kept on calling his name even if my cyber bf was there. they were arguing about me. my bf said to my cyber bf that he can have me but the cyber bf said my bf should have me because im giving birth to his baby. my boyfriend even told me that i bite him hard on his arm and he screamed. he never saw the gender of this baby. what does this dream means? hope u could help me pls.

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  4. Corrine - Ext. 5194

    In response to Lucy:

    Inside my box was tarot cards 🙂 Just wondering if any other psychics got the same result. It was a medium sized wooden box with beautiful engravings. I put the key inside the box with the cards, then I walked on water across the lake to the waterfall behind and climbed up the hill to the top. I love my imagination. Anything is possible.


  5. Lucy

    This is your dream imagine it.
    close your eyes and imagine what i’am saying
    anything that comes to mind that you will imagine
    do not change your imagination it has to just be what you first thought on what i am saying while your eyes are closed.

    okay, your walking down the path, there are 2 paths and which way are you going, what path is it?
    okay so your walking down the path you chose, and you see a key on the ground, do you take it or leave it?
    okay then you start walking again and you see a container, how big is your container how small is it?
    what is inside the container? is it empty or full? now walk again and now imagine your trying to cross the water body, how big is the water? how small is it? how are you going to cross it? with what are you going to cross the Waterbody? okay now you’ve crossed the waterbody now you’re walking again and hit the big is your wall? how small is it?

    Remember you are imagining.

    Now, a container explains IF your container was big then you enjoy very much in life, IF you imagined it as a small container then you don’t pretty much enjoy life. Whatever was inside your container, you have a long healthy live, IF you imagined it as an empty container you’re pretty much boring.

    Now, How big was your water body? was it big? or small? IF it was big as an ocean then you have a lot of problems in your life. IF you imagined it a small water body like let’s say a lake, you don’t have much problems but if you do you sort it out right away. How did you cross the water body? Did you swim? or fly? or you went through the bridge? IF you swimed then you’re pretty much have too many problems, IF you imagined it as you flyed to cross the waterbody then you’re more likely to just fly away and say pff problems i don’t got them. IF you went through the bridge you kinda have problems and sort them out abit.

    Now, how big is your wall? is it small?
    what do you do when you hit the wall?
    IF your wall is big you can’t handle your problems anymore they’re too many to deal with.
    IF your wall is small you just enjoy life & sort out your problems because you don’t have much problems.


  6. lovefavour

    I had a dream, in the dream I saw a man and was told that if I plead with the man to marry me he will. I did and the man got marry to me. I woke up it was a dream. Please what could be the meaning of my dream

  7. Elaine

    My dreams actually continue with my finding out I’m pregnant to the time of labor and delivery. And it’s ALWAYS a boy! I even dream of his being a baby to toddler.
    Okay, I’m 59, past having babies and I have four sons. Always dreaming of having another son or more really depresses me. I know, I’m crazy.
    I do know that dreaming of a baby in post-menopause is common and that it does indicate a new chapter in my life but the watching it unfold and always having more boys is scary!

  8. samantha

    I recently had a dream I was pregnant in a zombie apocolypse and I was safe until everyone started to coming to me for help. I was a good healer and had food. Then they got in somehow and bit me and then all of a sudden there was no harm.

  9. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Cortney,
    Bravo !!!!!! Excellent, Outstanding !!!!!! examples of symbolism in dreams…..

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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