Your Dream Career Locale By Sign

A special trick for loving our jobs as much as our dreams is in choosing a compatible location to integrate both. Here are the U.S. cities whose charts and activities should best suit your dream career and the “recognition factor” that can bring you success.

Aries Rising/Sun: You have career plans and you are unstoppable! You are the person who “can make it there or anywhere” – yes New York, New York! Love the sun? How about Orlando? If you’re a musician, you would probably enjoy the “Austin City Limits.”

Taurus Rising/Sun: You are the master of beauty/comfort, but you make that happen through innovative ideas. Maybe Southern California works if you’re a set or fashion designer – Having visions of the future? – How about helping revive magical New Orleans? Refined? – Augusta with its elegant US Open or Louisville with a Mint Julep and the Kentucky Derby could work.

Gemini Rising/Sun: You win acclaim with your charm and that mysterious quality you have beneath the charm, the dream you have for yourself. Here’s where to glow – Washington, D.C. (dreams of a better world) – Oregon – Reno/Sparks NV or Atlantic City (gaming industry talents?), or do you dream of the history/sea of Massachusetts?

Cancer Rising/Sun: You are an accomplished “self-starter.” Then you go home and enjoy privacy when all is done. Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Berkeley, CA would offer you water and opportunities – choose Fort Lauderdale for more sun.

Leo Rising/Sun: You want your office/career to show your leadership status and your regal appreciation of beauty. Locations: Oakland, CA (nearby high tech or wine industry), Rochester, MN (medical), New Rochelle or Long Island (work in NYC?), Pittsburgh with its Carnegie Institute – or El Paso for the Wild West.

Virgo Rising/Sun: You are a great communicator juggling “umpteen” things at once! You’d love New England for the traditional beauty. For low-cost living and family-oriented cities – Des Moines, Kansas City and Hot Springs, Arkansas are more interesting than imagined. Need the West Coast? – Another lovely city with old town charm and a nearby big city – Santa Ana, CA.

Libra Rising/Sun: You love learning “the flow” so you can “go with it” – Be it finances, or talents as a chef or interior designer. Locations for you to “flow” and display your talents – The “City Different,” Santa Fe, NM, or lovely Baton Rouge – Yearning to be closer to the water and warmth? -There’s Pensacola.

Scorpio Rising/Sun: While you treasure and protect your privacy, your career persona is very public as a leader or an up-front presenter. Places for you to stand out are: Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver and St. Louis. Want something warmer? – Charleston or Miami is good – or wilder and colder? – Fairbanks, Alaska.

Sagittarius Rising/Sun: With your smiling good humor, people will probably be surprised at how hard you can work, most of all, you! Living large? – Go to California, particularly Los Angeles (stand-up comedy, drama, sports, travel – work/play hard) – Colorado Springs for patriotism (Air Force Academy).

Capricorn Rising/Sun: Your desire for family/harmony/beauty needs to be integrated with your healthy ambition. For such success: There’s lovely Alexandria, Virginia next to the halls of power of the U.S. government – For a smaller lovely college town, there’s Knoxville, TN – Old, lovely St. Augustine serves you and Riverside, CA (rising real estate buys here soon) could boost your net worth.

Aquarius Rising/Sun: Your success will come from bringing your innovative energies into productive focus. Locations: Washington State, Salem Oregon or Boise Idaho – Corpus Christi, TX for the warmth of ocean and sun. Love the East? – Philadelphia looks lucky for you, or Charlotte is good. Looking for a financial breakthrough? – Little Rock’s the place.

Pisces Rising/Sun: You want the arts, spirituality/mysticism or sports to be part of your career – A place to be published, or to express your talents – Buckle down and succeed in South Carolina – West Palm Beach or Tampa would also be warm with water. For other powerful locations try historic Annapolis in the East or exuberant San Diego in the West. Denver works, too.

Please note that if these descriptions don’t quite suit your style, you may have the sign before or after on your Midheaven (career), so check the Rising signs before/after for a more complete picture.

Here are the places – “You go Girl/Guy!” and make your mark.

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