Do Smarter Men Cheat Less?

Men who are smart enough to be faithful in love are also smarter in general according to a new study. Recent research by Satoshi Kanazawa indicates that there is a link between intelligence and monogamous men. It has to do with human evolution.

There is sufficient evidence in nature to show that the beginnings of human relationships were primarily polygamous in nature. The proof begins with the slightly larger body size of the male sex, as compared to women. Kanazawa also believes prehistoric women were promiscuous and in polygamous (one man, several female sexual partners) relationships, just by looking at how man has developed in comparison to our closest relatives, the primates.

This trait is believed to be useful in fighting off the competition for available women. The gorilla is an extreme example of this type of society, being a great deal larger than the female. The Gorillas testes are however notably smaller than the Bonobo and Chimpanzee, theoretically because their harems are more exclusive to him, leaving less necessity for large dose of sperm to compete with other males.Additionally, Kanazawa points out that the male member may have evolved into a mushroom shape to overcome female promiscuous behavior. This appendage could theoretically extract or scoop old semen from a woman’s cervix, before depositing his own new seed.

Intelligence and Monogamy
The basis of Kanazawa’s thesis is that men may have needed polygamous societies in the past to survive, but in modern society, the intelligent man has the more highly developed brain to leave biology behind in exchange for fostering secure, intimate, trusting relationships. The dumber guy worries less about cheating, more easily falling victim to his baser instincts.

The basis of this conclusion falls under a large U.S. survey looking at IQ and attitudes of men towards monogamous vs. polygamous relationships. The evidence suggests that the more intelligent the man, the more he valued the idea of a monogamous relationship. Of the women surveyed, they showed much less predictability of preference to monogamy based on their intelligence.

As far as female evolutionary theory goes, women have had to adapt very little considering they are still faithful to one mate regardless of a monogamous or polygamous relationship. Therefore, women would have less biological reason to value sexual exclusivity. Indeed, recent studies have found that women experience less guilt while cheating.

Could it be that more intelligent men are simply more adept at concealing infidelity? Perhaps it is the intelligent women who choose to be more honest and forthright. What about the highly intelligent men who have been accused of cheating, such as Eliot Spitzer and John F. Kennedy? Do positions of power put a spin on this theory? Where does this leave us?

What we do know is that love, romance, security, intimacy, and exclusivity are all needed to experience the 7 stages of relationships, which is one of the most beautiful experiences a person can have. If it takes intelligence to understand that, then so be it.

15 thoughts on “Do Smarter Men Cheat Less?

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  4. moonlight 10

    “Smarts” have nothing to do with monogamy. Nature and chemistry are often stronger than socially-imposed boundaries.

  5. nazia

    Eric, it is quite an interesting outlook.

    But I find the concept of smarter men cheating less hard to buy. Smarter men NEVER get caught and that makes them Smart and thus the myth that they cheat less; because no one ever comes to know, not even the wife/girlfriend who are supposedly the closest. I am sure everyone has heard that wife/husband/bf/gf is always the last to know!
    And about women being monogamous, Wow, it is another myth ready to be busted:)
    Attraction to opposite sex doesn’t come with gender bias.
    Women are even harder (smarter) to be caught. They can carry on with their life, profession, household, bringing up babies, bringing up the men in their lives, and still carry on with clandestine trysts on the side, sometimes without EVER being caught.

  6. Denise

    It has been my recent personal experience from a Man that was in a High Position.
    He was a complete player! Asst. Dean to a Very Pristeigious Catholic College.
    He invited me to a play at the College just to appear “Normal” to his Co-Workers
    and his Boss. He introduced me as his Girlfriend. (It was our Second Date)
    He sent me flowers for Valentine’s day this year and didn’t leave his name. He decided
    to grow a spine and break it off and said, “Think of it like this….Imagine a Band-aid
    being ripped off to expose the wound and then you just let it heal.

    And I was supposed to swoon!…………..

  7. Carole

    It has been my observation, that attractiveness to the opposite sex is a big factor, not only physical but financial, for the male cheater, especially if he knows he is physically attractive, if he doesn’t think he is attractive, he fears being rejected. The temptation offered by other women, is hard to resist, especially if he is not in a valued committed relationship. Which does not always require intelligence, it may be devotion, loyalty, shared goals, fear of loss. Intelligence is not that attractive to women, especially the younger they are unless intelligence results in being a good provider. The biology for women, the best genes and provider for the offspring. Biology for the man is impregnate the attractive and available. There is a constant battle, biology vs values for both women and men.

  8. Skeptical

    Rather silly article considering that whether intelligent or dumb, good looking or ugly, rich or poor, religious or non religious, powerful or lame, talented, famous or not, etc. , men will cheat if they want to because there is always someone to cheat with! And who said Elliot Spitzer was intelligent? Paying the same prostitute bucket loads of money to follow you around when you’re a high profile politician isn’t too smart. Albeit, men get caught easier than women because they are NOT as smart; especially if men consider women are more monogamous than men……..and that’s the mistake that men make to begin with!!
    (Aaah…..Not Too Smart)

  9. jp

    a cheater is a cheater look how meny prez of the U.S.A have got busted for cheating LOL with all the money and power, intelligents they may have in the end BUSTED!!!! so how smart are they realy?

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  11. misskrystal

    oops sorry about the typos. I hit submit too soon. I was just saying- don’t ever count out these high level execs/road scholar types. And Babsy, I totally believe the thing about him having the high IQ and acting like that. miss krystal

  12. misskrystal

    I agree with Gina Rose. Don’t count the classy, Ivy League/road scholar type. You can “appear” sophisticated, and be book smart/business, high level exec. but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t make a mistake.
    I have seen it in all walks of life…..Thanks, Miss Krystal
    ps and believe you Miss Babs about the high IQ….of course it is possible…

  13. maryannex9146Maryanne


    Eric, thanks for a very thought-provoking article and one of great interest to many of our clients.

    I would partially agree with Gina Rose about a intelligent men, however, it is my opinion that powerful men, who are, for the most part, intelligent men become seduced by the power of their position and that leads to cheating and other behaviors. So my take is it is the power not the level of intelligence that causes intelligent men to cheat.


    Ext. 9146

  14. Babsy

    I dated a genius with a 190 IQ. Yes, you read that right. He liked to think that smarter men required more options…so to speak. He was pretty upfront about it. Sometimes dudes have a “nerd gone cool” vibe — they didn’t get to be players in high school because they were glued to chemistry books and their faces had more pock marks than a piece of pizza crust…so now they want to remake themselves as “hooers.” Studs, Hefner wannabees, whatever you call it…

  15. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I don’t know, but I would have to disagree with the first half of this article about men……

    I’ve noticed in many years of reading,that smarter men cheat more AND are better,( because they are smarter(?) , at hiding it. And the more powerful the title or position of the man, seems the more arrogant the attitude and more confidence that he can successfully get away with hiding it.

    But I found this article not only thought-provoking but hysterically funny as well…..the comparison from male human behavior to monkeys and gorillas behavior had me rolling off my chair in fits of giggles.

    I do agree that women, over the last twenty years, show less guilt about cheating…..intelligence, or IQ, doesn’t seem to matter either. So, I guess I agree with the findings explained in the latter half of this article about women.

    All in all….. a very interesting AND entertaining article…..Thank you, Eric!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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