Time to Live Your Dreams

The New Moon in Capricorn on December 27, 2008 launches a concentrated dose of practical energy this week – and beyond – that has the potential to empower your life in a very real way. Joining the New Moon in Cap are Mercury (communications), Mars (assertiveness), Jupiter (opportunities) and Pluto (regeneration), which heighten the focus on commitment, goal-setting and taking some steps to achieve your dreams.

Now is the time to get clear about what you truly want, which will set cosmic energies in motion to aid your manifesting ability. This manifesting power will be especially influential in helping you achieve your goals in the area of your chart ruled by Capricorn (read your Sun and ascendant signs below).

So get real, get focused and get ready to go for it!

Capricorn: Self-promotion can pay off big time now. There’s almost nothing you can’t accomplish if you set your mind to it and promote your projects. Now is the time when determination meets opportunity, so focus on what you’d like to accomplish, and watch as the Universe comes to your aid by putting you in touch with people who will assist you in realizing your goals.

Aquarius: Your unconscious is a wealth of insights and creativity now. Focusing on your inner life by meditating, dream analysis and good old-fashioned therapy will clear out emotional junk that keeps you from moving forward. You may find clues to your destiny through meditating on your past lives, which may also come through in your dreams. A former relationship may reappear as well.

Pisces: Socializing soars into the stratosphere as you find yourself the center of attention in your social circle. Networking with friends and groups can bring a romantic interlude and provide a business opportunity as well. A friend may match you up with someone special. Assisting in a community project can widen your social circle and bring personal fulfillment.

Aries: You have the ability now to attract career opportunities, so focus on promoting your work projects and enhancing your reputation. Networking with colleagues and other people involved in your kind of work can open doors for you. You’ll just need to be patient and take a practical approach to achieving your goals, which may be challenging but will pay off in the long run.

Taurus: Now is the time to look at the bigger picture of what you really want in life. Opportunities can come through education and foreign contacts. Your faith in yourself and the “powers that be” are strong and will inspire confidence in others who will assist you. You’re a magnet for romance as well, and you have the ability to attract someone truly compatible with you.

Gemini: Love can be both passionate and turbulent now. Healing old emotional wounds will free up your energy for more intimacy in your life. However, you’ll need to balance your need for sex with your need for some time alone. On a practical level, financial assistance is also in focus, so you may find yourself taking out a loan, paying off debt or negotiating with an investor for your project.

Cancer: Twosome energy kicks into high gear now. Cosmic forces support you in finding a mate or taking the relationship you already have to the next level. Working together on a project can bring fulfillment as well. Cooperation and compromise will undoubtedly be needed. It’s also a great time to develop a business partnership, or at least attract people who will assist you on a project.

Leo: Now is the time to take care of your health by improving your diet, revamping your exercise routine and seeing to other health matters. Opportunities for work or romance can come through the health-related activities and charity projects. You may be asked to lend a helping hand to those in need. Also, increasing the efficiency of your work routine will energize your creativity.

Virgo: Romance is energized as you find yourself surrounded by admirers – which is a good thing, because your sensuality is on fire and demanding physical expression. Your creativity is on fire as well, so promote your creative projects. And although it’s a good time to focus on your goals, your usually industrious nature needs a break, so take some time off to have fun and just be.

Libra: Family and home projects are your focus now. Using your considerable artistry to create an enticing ambiance for entertaining can bring fulfillment – and plenty of socializing at your abode. Interactions with family members can be lively or irritating. Remodeling projects should progress at a quick pace if your communications are clear and your plans are organized.

Scorpio: Your brain is on fire now, so be sure to keep pen and paper handy when that brilliant idea comes your way. Promoting your ideas to those who can assist you will help advance your projects. Look for opportunities through advertising, networking and travel-related activities. In romance, taking a trip for two can accelerate passion and bring a sense of adventure to your relationship.

Sagittarius: You’re a money magnet now, so look for financial opportunities through the end of January. Your normally restless spirit gets some grounded energy now, which can help turn your dreams into reality, especially if you need money to do so. Just try to avoid going on spending sprees that deplete your wallet. In romance, you’ll attract others who share your values.

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