Stop Searching and Start Living

If the universe conducted a poll today, an overwhelming majority of us would admit that we are not living the lives we want. How horrible is that?

And it isn’t that true fulfillment isn’t possible, it’s that we humanoids are looking for happiness and answers in the wrong places, says world renowned spiritual teacher and psychic medium, Hans Christian King (

The secret to finding happiness and your true life’s purpose is to stop searching for relief from outside sources. Instead, we need to tune in and honor our own divinity. It’s there, in that sacred, timeless place of spirit and love that we can find all that our hearts have longed for.

“You don’t get answers from out there. Out there is determined by what’s in here. Out there is determined by your consciousness,” adds King. “I believe that many people become victims of their experience without recognizing that they created their reality. And if you created it, then you can create something else.”

Now, searching is an active part of life. As you know, the journey is more important than the destination, but the problem, says King, is that people tend to become stuck and fall victim to the appearance of their circumstances instead of finding the lessons, applying them to their lives and moving on.

In his CD set Stop Searching and Start Living, Hans gently shows you how to uncover who you really are, instead of who you think you ought to be or who other people want you to be. You can shift to a new, positive, spirit-centered way of living and perceiving and think abundance instead of fear. It’s not easy, it’s not overnight. But it’s a possibility. Why wait?

Here are some of his tips:

Grill Yourself
First realize that you are here by design, not by accident. And that God/the universe doesn’t love anyone more than you, says King. By realizing this, you plug into the energy of the Great Spirit. “It’s like going on the computer. You need a password and poof — the entire cyber world opens up before you. But if you don’t know that secret code (this truth) than your life just doesn’t flow.”

Now be brutally honest and ask yourself: “Am I happy?” “Is this life working for me?” “Have I found my bliss?” “Am I what I set out to be?”

“I often say, ‘who were you going to be before you became who you are,'” says King. “That simple little statement is enormous, because on the way to you being spiritual, you got programmed by your parents, by your schooling, by our society at large.”

We live in a world with very few shades of gray. Oftentimes, in society, if you’re not number one, then you’re a failure (or you feel like one anyway). Instead of buying into that, ask yourself what would you rather be doing?

“People don’t do what they really want because they don’t think they can,” says King. But they can!

Put it in Black and White
Next, write a list of all the things you are no longer willing to funnel energy to, says King. It’s very important to know what isn’t serving you because it’s eating up all your time and space. The old adage that says no two things can be in the same place at the same time can be applied here.

“You can know what you want, but until you deal with what you have, you’re not going there. That’s why I go at it in reverse,” remarks King.

For instance, many people don’t want to quit their jobs until they lock something else into place. But, according to King, it doesn’t work that way. Forging ahead into the unknown (or the void) is where the real gold lies. When you create a vacuum or a void, that space allows new life to sprout. It’s like the Fool in the Tarot deck who is about to jump off the cliff’; he knows that he will be taken care of. He has unwavering faith.

“You need to tell the universe, ‘I believe.’ That is really the most difficult. But ideally you have to clear things out,” says King.

In the meanwhile, don’t let the mind chatter discourage you. What King calls “running your crazies.” Those are all the things in your head that say, ‘you shouldn’t, you can’t, it’s not possible.’ Your crazies.

Once you have a list in front of you, you can begin to dissect things one by one. Be prepared to do what is necessary to let those things go. Now don’t get overwhelmed. Just go one step at a time. Baby steps fuel you with more courage, and eventually, you’ll turn around one day and say, ‘hey how did I get here?’

We love to hear success stories about other people yet we rarely believe they can happen to us. Happiness is a matter of choice. You simply need to feel it and believe.

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