Cold Weather, Cold Heart?

The winter holidays have come and gone, but the cold weather still lingers. Even worse than the weather outside can be the cold you’re feeling inside because of stress, loneliness, anxiety or fear. Here are a few cold-busters to warm your heart – and your life – this winter.

Get healthy, get happy
Working out, eating healthy and taking care of your body aren’t just the keys to looking better — they’re also the keys to feeling better. Whether you’re feeling sad, stressed or exhausted, start taking care of your body, and you’ll begin to feel benefits that extend to every corner of your life.

The first step toward a healthier, happier life is just that – a step. Exercise releases natural chemicals that give you extra energy and work to fight depression and anxiety. No matter how out of shape or busy you are, you can make room in your life for a few minutes of walking each day.

Start paying attention to what you eat and drink all day and you may be surprised by how much of what you put in you body is unnatural – and harmful. Cut back on processed foods, fat, salt and moderate your intake of alcohol and caffeine. Drink more water and add some fruits and veggies to your plate and you’ll be feeling better in no time.

In addition to working out and watching what you eat, be sure to get a good night’s rest every night. Lack of sleep effects more than your looks – it can also affect your mood and personality. If you really want to get out of your funk, make sure your body and spirit are getting plenty of TLC and rest.

Find your center
When your heart is feeling cold, it’s easy to look around for someone to blame. If you’re lonely, you think about the guy who just dumped you. If you’re discouraged at work, you blame your bad boss. But you’ll never warm your heart by focusing your attention on the people who’ve wronged you – to move beyond your present state of unhappiness, you have to bring your focus back to you.

Refocusing your life on yourself is simply a matter of finding your “center” again – reminding yourself what’s most important to you in life. Make a mental list, or even better, write it down. By focusing on your goals and aspirations, you can shift your energy away from the negatives in your life and begin moving forward.

Turn outward
Of course focusing all of your energy inward isn’t a good thing either. The best way to warm your heart this winter may be to turn your energy away from yourself and toward those in need. Look for opportunities to share kindness with strangers. Offer to do a friend a favor without expecting anything in return. Find a way to give back through volunteerism or community service. By helping those less fortunate that you are, you’ll warm their hearts – and your own.

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