Staff Picks for December 2012

What’s Ahead for You in 2013?

Do you need some guidance for 2013? Wouldn’t it be good to know what’s ahead for your love life, career ambitions (perhaps you’re looking for a promotion) or even if this year will be more prosperous than last year? Why not give these staff picks a try? As I’ve said before, all you’ll lose is your doubt and uncertainty.

Psychic Evan ext. 5858: Remove the darkness from decisions.

After introducing himself, Evan will ask for your first name and date of birth. He connects to his spirit guide for the bulk of his messages. He picks up the energies surrounding you and yours through strong clairvoyant connections. Never judging, Evan has seen it all and is not shocked by any conversation. Totally in tune with you, he aims to find light where there is darkness. Remove the fogginess of indecision by talking with Psychic Evan ext. 5858 and see the clear choices ahead.

Psychic Aida ext. 5387: Connect with your spirit guides.

Aida invokes a network of guides, including your own, to provide her with the messages you want and need to receive. Initially, she may use her Tarot cards to connect with you, but then she receives impressions and channels information. Aida believes readings are designed to get you in touch with what’s going on within you, as well as, around you, so you are able to make decisions that assist you in achieving your goals. What are your spirit guides trying to tell you? Find out with a reading from Psychic Aida ext. 5387.

Psychic Freya ext. 5787: Remove the blocks in your life.

Skilled at helping people, Freya sees blocks and will open up your perspective to bring you in alignment with your desires. Take a couple of deep breaths and Freya will tune into your energy as you relax. Reading professionally for over 19 years, she consults the Tarot and her spirit guides to share messages meant for you. Does it feel like you’re blocked from love? Talk with Psychic Freya ext. 5787 to discover how to reconnect to the power of love.

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