Your December 2012 Forecast

See the Bigger Picture of Your Destiny

Get ready for some high energy as the focus shifts from feelings to intellectual/spiritual exploration and discovering the bigger picture of your destiny.

At the beginning of December, multiple water influences favor getting in touch with your feelings. But starting on the 11th, when Mercury moves into Sagittarius, followed by the new Moon and Venus shortly thereafter, you may start to feel restless for more adventure or freedom—or even a spiritual quest. Conversely, Mars in Capricorn (through the 24th) can help you see your aspirations from a practical standpoint, which may prompt you to take action on them—just in time for the New Year!

Transit Tales

Venus in Scorpio through the middle of the month can bring out your deepest emotions in close relationships. But after the planet of love transits into Sagittarius on the 15th (through January 8), it’s all about exploring the joyful, adventurous and/or spiritual side of love.

Mars in practical Capricorn can help you get down to the business of accomplishing your goals—until it transits into Aquarius on the 25th (through February 1), which favors an innovative or unusual approach to getting things done.

Planets in Motion

After being retrograde since mid-July, Uranus turning direct will help you put into action any changes you’ve been contemplating during the past five months. It will also help you manifest, through your ideas and actions, your individuality and originality.

Jupiter continues its retrograde travels through January 30, 2013, a great time to focus on your inner growth and assess your personal integrity.

Lunar Magic

The new Moon in Sagittarius on the 13th encourages you to envision what you truly want in your life. It also brings a new cycle of energy to spiritual and intellectual activities.

Intensity is the theme for the full Moon in Cancer on the 28th, which opposes transformational Pluto. This influence can exacerbate emotional issues, but also help you purge any negativity that hinders your growth. Ready to release that negativity? Talk with Psychic Bridget ext. 5249 who can look more closely at your stars for upcoming opportunities.

Planetary Highlights

December 2: The Sun opposing Jupiter energizes or exaggerates intellectual pursuits, communications, travel plans and long-range goals, especially for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius and to a lesser extent for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius..

December 10 – 30: Mercury in Sagittarius favors ideas and discussions that involve education, culture, spirituality or foreign travel/communications.

December 11: Mercury square Neptune can cause confusion or miscommunication,  especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

December 13: The new Moon in Sagittarius brings fresh energy for learning, culture, spiritual endeavors and foreign connections.

December 13: Uranus turning direct will help you manifest your individuality and originality in the outer world, along with any inner changes you’ve made during the past five months.

December 14: Mercury trine Uranus inspires ideas and discussions that are forward-thinking or unconventional, especially for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and to a lesser extent for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

December 15 – January 8, 2013: Venus in Sagittarius brings a daring or freewheeling vibe to socializing, and can inspire you to see the bigger picture of your relationships.

December 16: Venus square Neptune can cause confusion, deception or mixed messages in relationships, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

December 17: Mercury opposing Jupiter heightens expansive, philosophical or overblown ideas and discussions, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

December 19: Venus trine Uranus can prompt a sudden or unusual attraction or artistic inspiration, especially for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius and to a lesser extent for Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

December 21, 2012 – January 18, 2013: The Sun in Capricorn can help you get practical when defining and pursuing your goals.

December 22: Venus opposing Jupiter intensifies the optimism/idealism in relationships, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

December 25, 2012 – February 1, 2013: Mars in Aquarius energizes activities that are altruistic, innovative or unconventional.

December 25: Sun square Uranus may bring out your inner rebel or cause a sudden change of plans, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

December 28: The full Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto, which can bring up an issue about your family, goals, security or finances, especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

December 30: Sun conjunct Pluto favors an analysis about your goals, finances or comfort zone.

December 31, 2012 – January 18, 2013: Mercury in Capricorn supports ideas and discussions about goals, business, the environment or government policies.

22 thoughts on “Your December 2012 Forecast

  1. Ann

    I am a Leo born 8/12/1961, I m a strong person but have had m spirit broken , pulling al together practicing meditation,healing light energy, along with magnified healing. Im creative and know I have a gift to many coinsidense !I am a natural healer and have a child like spirit , children , and animals are so drawn to me ! I believe 2012 end of world is really Lets get back to simple things money is not everything and love and kindness will prevail . How can we teach
    our children to love one another and respect each person for who they are regarding religion . When the Power of Love overcomes The Love of power the world will know Peace! “Jimi Hendrix”I am sure of this.

  2. Sarasvathie


    My date of birth is 01 March 1964
    I am always getting sick and feel very down with my job
    Will there be any change in my career and how soon

  3. maria

    your predictons always state that I will curl up with my loved one, But ther lies the rub. Iam always alone- widow and the love that I want eludes me

  4. Dale

    Hi, I was born dec 24, 1968 what does my future hold interms of marriage and finances and what is holding me back, if anything.

  5. Ky

    I recently went thru a divorce which has left me so broken inside. Our divorce was the result of not making either other a priority in our lives and not respecting each others individuality (control issues). These things were only discovered after the divorce but I think anger and blame on both sides have intervened so we barely talk to each other. Is reconcilliation a possibility…I am born under sun sign Sag on 12/20/70 at 7:04pm.

  6. jacquie

    My dob is 25.3.1959. Have had an awful year – we have moved to the Middle East. Can you see what is in store for 2013 for me. Hopefully a better year!

  7. LorMik

    Hello Marion, Marion December 1, 2012 at 8:25 am

    Marion you are born under a sign that makes you very intelligent Gemini, your Moon and Venus under Cancer is where your sensitive side resides and your love. The Moon rules the sign of Cancer. Venus is where your positions and love comes from. You are very sensitive person with these aspects in your chart. Don’t go crawl into your shell, use your sun sign of strength under Gemini that has the ruling planet of Mars. Strong positive absurdness, is how you will get past this TRIAL. Get away from your emotions and feelings when thinking about your future EX. Wink! Maybe not! Depends on him. Use your emotions to know what you desire and to create a clear intention of where you would desire to go from here.

    People show you who they are the first time. Answer to your self this question.

    When your husband comes back if he does, will he be completely willing to be accountable to you for however many months or years it will take to gain back your trust?

    If he does not then he stopped loving you and making you a priority. He knows already right now that you know about his affair. He does not feel guilty at this time so why or how will he feel guilty later?

    There is nothing for him to be accountable to you for. The psychic was telling you what you want to hear and hope you will keep calling and the psychic will keep pushing the time frame back three months. That will hook you in.

    Pull your brain out of your emotions and use it to bring your self back to your authentic self. Why do you want someone that does not want you? YOU ARE BETTER than THAT!

    Why, when there is so many men out there that will take you to dinner and treat you with respect?

    Men are only going to respect you when you respect your self.

    You do not respect your self because your allowing your feelings that you feel for him dictate how you will act as a door mat for him.

    STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM!!!!! Yes, you loved and yes you got burned. Remove your heart from the FIRE and stop FEELING the burn.

    Open your self up to the idea that you LEARNED a LESSON and decide that you LEARNED that LESSON and you do not want that life treatment NO MORE!

    Set a time limit that you will give him to come back and humble him self to you. If he does come back ask him right away if he will be willing to be accountable to you until? Until when? Until you and ONLY YOU can say that you trust him again. It could take years.

    If he is not willing to do that then you know that he does not respect you.

    Love has five elements to it. 1) Trust 2) Honesty 3) Faith 4) Respect 5) Communication

    Lose one call a marriage counselor, lose two call GOD cause you about to fall over the 100 foot waterfall, lose three forget it there is no amount of prayer will get that innocent connection back. You my dear have already lost two for sure, Trust and Honesty, do you still respect him for this act? Are you communicating with him? So, Faith and Faith alone is going to pull him back to you so he can humble himself to you.

    It is funny that you wrote that he has not asked her out on a date. Now how does that matter? Your not concerned about her or his and her interaction. This is about yours and his interaction.

    Get a group of family and friends and ask them to help lift your Spirit up while you go through this TRIAL and get past it, learn the lesson and then SET AN INTENTION for what your desiring for a real mate, for the rest of your life will be.

    Watch your words of how you speak, stop the victim mentality and speak as how you truly desire things to be with a NEW MAN. Close the books on your past. Don’t hate your husband that brings bad Karma for you. Forgive him but, do not allow him back in your life so he can do it again. Set clear boundaries for your self and do not allow any one to cross them, or out they go, out of your circle of love.

    Love does not hurt. Love does not act on anger. Love does not hold grudges. Love is a soft safe smiling place to be. Yes forgive and let go but, do not set yourself up to be hurt again.

    Give out to others what you desire in your life and set boundaries and have a clear intention of where you desire your life to go from here. Remember today is the first day of he rest of your life. So, take control and love every day YOUR SELF FIRST then others.

    Put a Silver Cord up on your Ceiling in any room or all rooms and pull on it every time you need an Angel to guide your foot steps and ask SPECIFICALLY of what your heart and mind desires with clarity and believe it will come.

    Please do not say I want or I hope or I don’t deserve. If you have a belief in GOD or a higher source then your self, then you are made whole. GOD does not make junk or make a mistake with HIS INTENTION of PURPOSE for your LIFE, which you are co-creator with GOD in designing your life this time on Earth. So, learn the lesson with this husband and don’t go get another one just to learn the lesson over again.

    The definition of insanity is doing the SAME THING OVER and OVER and EXPECTING a DIFFERENT RESULT! CRAZY is as CRAZY DOES!

  8. LorMik

    Shirley Harmon December 1, 2012 at 7:37 pm today is the first day of the rest of your life

    Dear Shirley, I can see clearly that it is your words that keep you in the state of being that you THINK you are in.

    Change how you claim your self and what belongs to you and who you are. Shirley, you are not a victim. You do not HAVE medical problems. Medical issues is what you are dealing with. If you keep claiming that they have you or you have them, THEN that is what your life will consist of.

    Change your words and claim what you really want AS IF YOU ALREADY HAVE THEM. GOD created the World and the Universe, through SPEAKING. You are made in HIS image. YOU are a Co-creator of your life with GOD. Claim what is rightfully yours.

    ABUNDANCE – in Wealth, Health, and Finance. It might seem awkward at first but, keep practicing and you will see your life change like over night. The Universe is rising up to meet you and help create the world you want. Believe it or not, you are getting exactly what you claim you are asking for. Through your spoken words and your silent thoughts.

    You already have everything you need to be HAPPY and Joyful.

    Hang a Silver cord from any ceiling in your home. This is your life connection to the Angels that are there constantly to help you. Pull on the cord every time you need help or guidance and ask them for SPECIFICALLY what you desire, not want or you will always be wanting. Wanting is not quit getting it. Desire is like Im hungry so I will eat. It is present and now. Wanting is always in the future.

    See it is the way you form your words is what you create for your life now and in the future. What do you mean your not happy? You are getting everything you claim to be and want.

    Get your mind off the money, claim that you are in good health and what will it take for that to be true? Claim that you have abundance in finance, what will that take for that to be true? Claim that you are Wealthy, what will it take for that to be true. By the way Wealthy is like family, friends, career, travel, entertainment and love. Start with Love, LOVE on others through your time, physical hugs and kisses, volunteer, money. Go give some stranger a dollar. FEEL, what each experience FEELS like, bathe in the FEELINGS of LOVE, Manifest the FEELINGS in every thing you do.

    Stop saying you cant physically do this or that. Yes, unless you are literally in a bed and can not get out then you call and give your time by phone.

    Get out of the victim mentality! You are a CHILD of GOD and GOD creates no JUNK! Change your words and CHANGE your LIFE!

    Peace be with you always. LAUGHING can help you change the negative words into positive words. So, watch comedy movies and shows with positive messages. Get away from the news and anything that lets you hear the negative things in this world. That is not you.

    Love someone everyday all day. YOUR SELF! Joy to the World Sheryl is Changing her VIEW POINT of HER PerSPecTive! Always and Forever Each Moment With YOU!

  9. rochelle

    am seeing an aqurius and we have been seeing each other for a year,can you tell me where the relationship is headed?

  10. donna lollis

    i am a libra born oct.12,1950, in marysville,calif. 10am, been talking to a taurus born may17,1950in louisana . he got mad out of the blue and is not talking to me at all. we met playing games, we still do.its hard to see him come and go without heart is broke i havent dated in 22yearsand planing a trip to louisana to visit my son and his family.was so looking forward to meeting rickey.i said all i wanted for xmas was to hear his voice and gave hi my phone numbe so he could call. thats when he started acting it over before it started.what went wrong he wouldnt say.i dont like losing someone this way after talking for 5 months. i mss him does he miss me too.

  11. Shirley Harmon

    I Would Like To Know If There Was A Way That I Could Win Some Money. I Have A Lot Of Medical Problems, And We Owe So Much Money It Is Getting Very Hard To Make Ends Meet.I Need Knee And Hip Surgery, But If I Have The Surgery, I Don’t Know How I Am Going To Pay The Extra 20% My nsurance Doesn’t Pay. I Would Call And Talk To One Of The Psychics, I Just Don’t Have The Money To Do So.

  12. Chris blue

    Thank yall so much please keep helpin me cuz i see some of da changes in my life thank yall so much may blessins 6e with u all merry christmas

  13. darlene

    I wish everything goes good 4 me and my family,,,we r trying 2 get by,,we have so much bills piling up,,we have 2 grandkids and thier mom and dad r not 2gether anymore,,,we had to take them away fr them,,thay always drinking,,I always think thay in a safe place.,,worry about food and the bills and christmas…just want 2 no if anything will come good 4 my family

  14. Marion

    As I am born under the sun sign of Gemini with Gemini rising this is very interesting as most of it seems relevant to me. Though in terms of of love and relationships I am truly cancerian as both Venus and the Moon were in Cancer when I was born. However what I also find hopeful is I had a pyschic reading and this seems to reinforce what she said. Which for me is good news as my husband and I seperated and he left on the 30/11/12 not my choice. I am totally heartbroken. He has feeling for another woman was with her slept with her it was finished, but now see her for lunch couple of times a week, and she is guarentor on his flat. He says he hasn’t asked her on a date yet. However no matter I do or which way I turn for answers I am told we will reunite. I so want to believe it as its the only thing I want in the whole world/universe. As it stand though at the min I need a miracle. Hope that all things unseen, unexplainable and astrology are right, or its going to be a lonely life on my own cos I don’t want anybody else.

  15. Randy

    You know not everyone is going to understand this but for me as sag it sounds like my goals or about to be relisded. I don’t know who wrote this but this exactly rite.


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