Wishful Thinking or Real Messages?

Cindy from South Haven, Michigan asks:

How can I tell if my spirit guides are really trying to communicate with me or if I am just over-inflating my imagination to make it true? I know I have some intuitive abilities, but worry sometimes that maybe the visions or thoughts I see are just make-believe, because I want to believe. Perhaps you can tell me whether I have just been fooling myself? Perhaps my ego is clouding what my spirit guides are really trying to tell me? Please help me.

Dear Cindy,

According to your spirit guides, you’re correct in thinking that you’re having a bit of trouble right now sorting out what’s a product of your powerful intuition, what’s spirit guide communication and what’s wishful thinking or ego. But this is easily remedied, and is mostly caused by confusion resulting from the intense spiritual activity that has been surrounding you since 2008.

You’ll be glad to know that the pressures of this powerfully transformational period are nearly over, and you’ll have more leisure to explore your awakened gifts and insights beginning in March of next year.

There are any number of techniques that can help you discern what’s real spiritual prompting and what’s not, but your guides are strongly recommending these steps:

1. Keep a detailed record between now and March of your intuitions, visions, insights, dreams and what could be guide communications (even when you’re using an oracle like Tarot or Goddess Cards) and when and how you receive them. It’s very important to note any physical sensations (like goosebumps or increased awareness of a particular part of your brain), sounds, fragrances, colors seen out of the corner of your eye, unusual tastes in your mouth, that sort of thing. Also, note repeating numbers, or symbols that have meaning for you that occur shortly before or afterward.

2. It’s best to get a special tablet or notebook and keep it with you at all times, even if you have to get a larger tote. Or you can keep notes during the day and then transcribe them every night if you have the time.

3. When you get results, negative or positive, go back and describe them on the same page.

4. Next, give your guides some projects and keep careful notes of these results as well. Want to go back to school but can’t finance it? Ask them to help you find a solution. Want to find a great restaurant to replace a favorite that closed? Let your guides help find alternatives and creative ways to bring them to your attention.

5. Once you have a few weeks’ worth of notes with even a few results, start going back over them, looking for patterns. You’ll quickly learn to recognize signs which signal the presence of particular angels and spirit guides, or which are genuine intuition, and which are ego-driven.

You’re very gifted, Cindy, and this will help refine skills that will serve you well the rest of your life!

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