Reality: It’s All in Your Head

Most people can’t grasp the concept that it truly is all in our head. How we perceive the world, most things that happen to us, what we call reality, how our life turns out, how successful and healthy we are and much more depends on what is in our conscious mind—and, even more importantly, in our unconscious mind.

We want reasons to blame and not be responsible. We want to rely on something or someone that we can hold accountable. We want something or someone to tell us that it isn’t up to us, because that makes life so much easier and much less frightening. Anything, really, is easier when we feel it wasn’t our doing or our fault. And yet, knowing that it was our doing and fault adds so much more power to one’s life.

Whatever sits in our unconscious mind creates reality. When we feel useless or not worthy, we will keep creating situations in our life that proves that to us. When we feel we can’t do it, we will fail. Our unconscious is responsible for how we perceive the world and the people in it. It’s impossible to be positive, for example, if your unconscious is filled with negativity. It’s impossible to create a healthy mind and body, if you believe yourself a victim without any control over anything. The more imbalanced we are in our mind, the more imbalanced our life will be and the more imbalanced individuals and situations we will attract to us.

Who we really are, namely what we truly think and feel, shows to the outside world in our actions. It doesn’t matter how hard we’re trying to cover it up. Our true self has a way of rearing its pretty or ugly head no matter how hard we may try to convince people otherwise. We may stomp our feet and insist on being nice people, but if we’re not, no one real and healthy will buy it. For some, who they think they are and who they actually are don’t even come close. And living in a world where confrontation is shunned and avoided continuously contributes to other people’s stories and illusions of their life and being.

To change one’s mind, literally, means to change one’s life. The more we learn, and actively pay attention to our actions, words, thoughts and feelings, the more self-aware we will be, and the more we will actually start altering our reality. It’s quite amazing what human beings can do; well, maybe what our brains can do. How successful and happy a person is can be contributed 100% to what’s going on in their heads. Some may be successful, but only very few achieve true happiness; because very few have the ability to rewire their hard-drive.

Faulty programming tells us that it’s impossible to change. It tells us that we’re powerless, possibly worthless and a bunch of other messages we may have accepted as truth a long time ago. Because these messages are true to us, it doesn’t occur that we can change them, or be in total control of them. This is what delusion and denial are all about. When one learns to accept and believe things that are neither true, nor necessarily substantiated by reality, one becomes delusional, powerless and a victim; one becomes out of control.

No matter where we came from or what we’ve endured in the past, we can alter our universe, if we choose to do so. It requires work, hard work, and determination. For some, it requires hitting rock bottom and for others, not even that will change the twisted reality they call life. Sometimes, nothing ever changes a person’s truth or reality until the day they die. It is therefore important to understand that none of us can change or alter anyone else’s universe/reality or truth. We can only change ourselves.

And how do we do that? We start by understanding what our wiring is; recognizing our faulty patterns and seeking out those who are doing it right! We pick role models, people who inspire us, people who don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk. We surround ourselves with those who continuously challenge us to become the best we can be. We ask for help, if necessary from professionals, and we give an oath to ourselves to not be too proud, too afraid, too lazy or too weak to do what it takes to reach our goals. We surrender to the possibility of a new life and understand that the transition of not knowing how a new life will look is not going to be easy. We decide what we want and we no longer make excuses or act wishy washy and confused.

Living life wide awake and fully aware of one’s potential and power is the best we can do. What gets created within this space is nothing short of a miracle. It’s also the space where we stop being sheep and become leaders, and where we go from victims to victors. Wide awake is the only space to create true and lasting success and happiness. All other spaces are just illusion.

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2 thoughts on “Reality: It’s All in Your Head

  1. rita

    it is really true hard work can give us success in life but there close relation like sister brother brother in law to pin point on my past regret of my future what is the best suggestion for this type of close relationship wan my time was bad they did happen to help
    do help how to handle this people

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Carmen,

    Well , what can I say…..this article is yet another excellent article……and every word is true.

    Yes, you can re-wire your brain ( neuro-pathways)… takes hard work and consistency, but the work is well worth it in the end……for those willing to exert the hard work and are truly dedicated to changes…you will find a new world , filled with infinite .

    Here is where a psychic who specializes in Karmic pathways can also help you…….they can help you discover your hidden gifts, and what you can aspire to, if you are willing to walk that path.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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