3 Dating Red Flag Alerts

Identify Them Early… and Bolt!

Have you decided to hit the ground running in the dating department? Are you ready to meet that special someone? There are many red flag alerts to pay attention to when dating, but there are three top situations where the red flags fly high and mighty. It can be the thin line between staying with someone completely unhealthy for you and moving onto a more suitable person for you. What would you prefer? Red flag alerts pop up all over the place when the match of two people is not meant to be. But can we see or hear them? Sometimes we live in a fog of lust and dreams of security and love, while others can spot the red flags immediately. Here are a few of those red flags—identify them will help you move quickly on your way without a scratch and towards a healthier relationship. No one said the dating game was easy.

1. Let’s Talk About Me

If you’re out on a date and you find that you haven’t gotten a word in edgewise, that might be a huge red flag looming over your date’s head. Have they asked anything about you? Have they asked you how you were and then immediately turned the focus back on themselves? This is a big red no-no in the dating world. If you want to be ignored in a serious relationship, you have found your perfect mate. If you dream of being with someone who listens to you, is interested in what you have to say and who asks questions about your life experiences, move on now—and fast. If you continue to date this person, they will just figure that you are OK with this form of communication, and you will only end up a mere sad wallflower.

2. Manners Please

If you’re out on a date and your new interest is crass and rude to the serving staff in any establishment, you’re seeing a bright red flag right in front of your eyes. If they treat service staff like that, they may treat you like that one day. Restaurant staff and other establishments provide a service, and it’s understandable if the service is poor and you need to voice your opinion in a polite manner. But if your date starts swearing, yelling and arguing with the staff or trying to find their way out of paying the bill for any odd reason, be cautious. This one just isn’t a keeper. If your date frowns upon hard working people and thinks he or she is better than them, this could be a valid reason for making a mad dash to the bathroom and out the window. Manners are very important, and many of us were taught them growing up. Find someone whose mom taught them the words please and thank you.

3. The Ex Factor

This is the number one red flag alert to watch out for. If you are out on a date and your date constantly talks about how great their ex is, how the time they spent was wonderful and how the trip to Maui was fantastic, they’re not over their ex. On the other hand, if your date is talking about their ex with uttermost hatred and putting them down constantly, they’re not over their ex either. If all those feelings are consuming your date’s thoughts, where is there room for you to enjoy your date? If your date mentions their ex in a light and calm manner and then drops the topic all together, this could work. But if obsessing and the ex factor is a constant throughout your entire conversation, one word of advice: Hightail it out of there!

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One thought on “3 Dating Red Flag Alerts

  1. destiny

    I like the ex factor! I dated a guy talks about his ex whenever we get together and called me her name even and talks about her badly when he gets frustrated after talking to her and tell me about it too! he done it few times and also very emotional and yet denied he’s not over her. his ex was also my friend. I never revealed to her that we were dating when I found out from my (his ex) friend that he’s still txting her finally, I told her about us! he was so mad after that..I am glad I did! because that was the end of it. I broke him up!!!!


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