Psychic Morgana: Rule Your Emotions

Psychic Morgana ext. 5471 on Shifting Your Energy

Psychic Morgana ext. 5471 is a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and empath. She uses those gifts to read your energy and follow the flow of that energy toward the future and into the past. She has done extensive work helping emotionally heal those who have dealt with both divorce and domestic abuse. To begin her readings she asks for your name, then requests that you focus on your question. Please let her hear your voice so that she may open the flow of information. Psychic Morgana ext. 5471 feels confirmations from your energy. When other worldly entities are present, she gets physical sensations that confirm and identify issues and intentions. Psychic Morgana ext. 5471’s greatest desire is that her clients feel peaceful and optimistic no matter what they are going through.

We sat down with her to get stories of her success with clients, and got some great responses.

“I read for one gentleman named R.,” she told us. R. is one of these extremely giving men that loves completely, whether he’s getting something in return or not. He’d spent years cultivating this woman he was madly in love with, but she put him in the friend box. So he asked me if she had feelings for him, and the answer was yes, but I didn’t feel she was going to own up to it. So I told him that. When you pour love into somebody who doesn’t see your value as the prize you are, it really drains a lot of energy out of your life. So he decided to announce his feelings, and did declare his love. And she said, ‘Oh no, I don’t have those feelings.’ And it was so tremendously liberating. His whole energy shifted. He relayed what had happened, but he said he felt so much better. He was able to shift his focus onto women who could appreciate him. He went through a tremendous career jump; his whole energy shifted by not bleeding out love that was not being returned to him. Now he’s positive, he’s got a lot going in other relationships, and he’s got his dream job.”

“There was another woman named A.,” she continued. “The first time I talked to her, she was hysterical because her fiancée had broken off their engagement before deploying to Afghanistan. She was sobbing and hysterically afraid that this was the end. One of the things I do with clients is tie into their energy and equalize them a bit. I got her to calm down and explained to her that this was his version of flipping out, that this was his own freak out over being deployed. I saw that she would talk to him and see him before he left, and once he got over to Afghanistan he was going to start finding his way back to her. But she was devastated. It took a couple weeks, and I got call that yes, he did call, and wanted to see her before he deployed. Now communication is opened between them.

“When somebody’s really hurt, we tend to say something that could kill whatever’s left when we realize it’s not done. So I’m working with her to keep her even and receptive to him. So they’re right back on track, things are good and they’re going back to where they were. That wouldn’t have happened if she’d stayed feeling like it was all over and shut him out.

“Basically, the theme for both of these is that we forget how powerful we are in our own lives, including our love lives. We feel that things are just happening to us instead of us being a part of it. When I work with a client, I try to pull them back from the emotional trauma they’re in so that they have perspective and work to shift their energy to get the desired result.

“The big moral is that we aren’t victims in the story of our lives, particularly not our own love story. We can shift our focus and intention and our own vibration to bring about the results that we want.

“I’m seeing a lot of it, variations on same theme: Just detach a bit, step back from the emotion, and shift the energy to where you want to go.”

What can Psychic Morgana ext. 5471 see for you?

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  1. concecion olita lasaca

    i mean i was born december 8 1982 my full name concepcion olita lasaca i am pilipina in my husband chinese please tell me my future

  2. concecion olita lasaca

    hello psychic can you tell me about my future please i was born decemeber 1982 in i am married to march 2born 1970 we have to kids

  3. misskrystal

    Thanks for the article. I had the pleasure of meeting, Morgana, last year, at the CP office.
    I noticed, immediately, what a sweet spirit she has. I felt extremely comfortable with her. Her energy was completely positive. I hope to see her, again, at CP!
    Thanks. Miss Krystal


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